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Brazilian Birds Photo Contest

…entries accepted until 10th April 2007

The Avistar-Itaú BBA Brazilian Birds Photo Contest was created to stimulate the documentation and conservation of brazilian birds. It is an Avistar-O ECO initiative, sponsored exclusively by Itaú BBA Bank. The subject of the contest is ‘Brazilian Birds’. It is open to amateur as well as professional photographers, whether Brazilian or not. Each participant may submit up to four photographs. Every photograph entered will compete in both categories (Best Photo and Best Record)

Every photograph must have as main theme a free Brazilian bird, photographed in its natural habitat. The photographs may be taken either with a conventional (film) or digital camera, but all entries must be submitted as JPEG files with a maximum file size of 600Kb each. Entries will be accepted from January 30 to April 10, 2007.

The entries will be judged by an international jury composed of recognized authorities from the fields of nature photography and ornithology. The jury’s decisions cannot be appealed and are final.Prizes for each category:

1st place R$8,000.00
2nd place R$5,000.00
3rd place R$ 2,000.00
Honorable mention R$500.00 (10 for each category)
3 special prizes of the Jury R$ 2000,00

See: http://www.avistarbrasil.com.br/concurso

4th July 2014