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Yellow Headed Picathartes

Ashanti African Birdwatching Tours is helping local conservation…

The Yellow Headed Picathartes was long believed to be extinct within Ghana, until it’s rediscovery in March 2003. A chance discovery of only 2 nests was found in a remote area in the Brong-Ahafo region of the country. For many years the main threat to this remarkable bird’s existence has been bush meat hunting by the locals. Understandably the locals have no idea of its global importance; their only concern is daily survival.

Ashanti African Tours are a British company based in Ghana, offering professionally lead, all inclusive, small group birdwatching tours, using expert local and western guides. They are currently supporting the protection of a remote site of 30 Yellow Headed Picathartes nests within Ghana. During their 2 most recent tours in late February and March 2007 they had excellent views of 10 individuals, an amazing experience and undoubted highlight of all the participants many years of world wide birding.The local community is extremely poor and it is imperative they see the immediate benefits of protecting and not hunting the site. In response to this Ashanti African Tours pays a fee for every individual visiting the site which goes into a community fund and is used for community development projects. This will ensure the continued protection of the site for many years to come and help increase the picathartes population in the area.

NB Ashanti African Tours offer a wide selection of professionally lead birdwatching tours within Ghana, these can be personalised for small groups and commence anytime, all year round. For more information and our latest trip reports please follow this link http://www.ashantiafricantours.com/main/birdwatching_14day.html or contact them at info@ashantiafricantours.com

4th July 2014