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Do serious conservation work and stop illegal hunting

Plan your Bird Protection and Conservation Holiday in North Italy this Autumn Now – (Almost) All Expenses Paid!

Make your personal and active contribution to conservation and protection of Europe’s migrant birds by participating in the CABS bird protection camp in Northern Italy in October 2007.

What is the CABS bird protection camp in Italy all about?

The German Committee against Bird Slaughter (Komitee gegen den Vogelmord) http://www.komitee.de has organised bird protection camps in the hills around Lake Garda in Northern Italy during the annual autumn bird migration for over 20 years. Both local and international volunteers join this camp to curtail illegal hunting and trapping activity and locate and remove nets and traps and electronic decoy devices. CABS works in close cooperation with Italian conservation organisations and the Carabinieri and forest police. This is no bird watching holiday, but a serious conservation effort! Every year thousands of traps and nets are located and removed, hundreds of trapped and decoy birds freed and thousands of rounds of ammunition and dozens of firearms confiscated.What’s in it for you?

This is an excellent chance to make a genuine contribution to wildlife conservation and experience life in another country. You will be given the opportunity to get involved in serious conservation work and, more importantly, play a part in the European effort to stop the illegal hunting and trapping of protected species.

What do the operations consist of?

The camp runs from 6 Oct to 4 Nov 2007. Illegal hunting surveillance and location and removal of trapping equipment are the two main operational elements. These operations are mounted every day in the form of patrols and ambushes of trapping sites. Some night operations are also carried out.

What are the skills or other qualifications required to participate in a CABS camp?

Apart from being 18 years of age or older, participants are expected to show team spirit as well as enthusiasm and motivation for bird protection and conservation. In addition good physical fitness and the ability to speak English (working) and/or Italian (host language) are essential. All volunteers will be required to participate in camp chores. As participants come from a variety of backgrounds (but with a common aim) and include animal welfare and conservation activists, vegans and non-vegetarians a high level of personal tolerance is necessary.What about accommodation, food and transport to and in Italy?

In principle CABS covers all costs - including flight costs within Europe within reason (please give an estimate of flight costs to and from Italy (EasyJet & Ryanair fly UK - Milan) when applying to take part). CABS organizes group accommodation in simple holiday chalets and all local transport costs are covered. Only food must be bought - which is usually cooked centrally – or participants go to a local pizzeria. The cost of the camp is met from donations, principally from Germany.

Participation in other bird protection camps

Participation in bird protection camps in Southern Italy, Sardinia, in Malta, Cyprus or on Malta, which can involve a degree of personal physical risk, are reserved for those who have taken part in our North Italian camp or who can provide special references.


If you are interested in taking part in this year’s operation in Northern Italy, and fulfil the conditions outlined above, you can apply for selection as follows:

In German by filling out the form at http://www.komitee.de/index.php?ichwill

In English by sending an email – Subject: ITALIAN BIRD CAMP 2007 - to Proact-campaigns@online.de with the following personal details: First and last name, address incl. country, email, age, languages, estimated travel costs and any other personal comments or remarks.

The week 13-20 Oct is fully booked; but volunteers are still sought for 6-12 Oct and 21 Oct-4 Nov.

David Conlin, Proact Campaigns http://www.proact-campaigns.net

4th July 2014