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LUSH Cosmetics to Give Thousands of Pounds to Bird Groups Through Sale of New Charity Pot Cream…

Cosmetics and birds don’t usually mix, but when Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics founder and top businessman Mark Constantine isn’t busy formulating new shower gel or body butter, he’s outdoors trying to spot a rufous bush robin. For the first time in his life Mark has combined his two greatest passions—cosmetics and birding—into one simple idea, the LUSH Charity Pot.

Launched in April 2007, the Charity Pot (£9.95) is a luxurious hand and body lotion on sale in all of Lush’s 86 UK stores. 100 per cent of its proceeds* goes directly to charities and groups working to protect birds, the environment and other causes. This is the first time a UK retailer has earmarked 100 per cent of profits from a single product for charity, and LUSH hopes the Charity Pot will raise over £1 million for assorted organizations, many of which fight to protect the endangered bird species of the world.Every month LUSH selects new organizations to receive Charity Pot funds, and hopes that small bird protection groups will now step forward and nominate themselves to receive donations to help with their work. Lush prefers to support smaller, grass roots groups as they are often placed to make a real difference with limited funding and often struggle to find it. However, any group big or small working to protect birds should immediately contact charitypot@lush.co.uk or call Gabbi on 020 7434 3948 to begin the process of securing a possible donation.

Already, the Charity Pot has supported work to save the Imperial Eagle in Bulgaria. £9,990 was given to the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds to protect the threatened Imperial Falcon, one-fifth of which live in Bulgaria. Charity Pot funds have helped the BSPB to guard nests, restore and purchase threatened habitat, and raise awareness over the dangerous situation of these majestic birds.

In total, Lush as a company has given £70,000 to bird organizations and with the recent launch of the charity pot hopes to make it tens of thousands more. Other bird populations given a helping hand by LUSH in the past include: * £10,000 went to Save The Albatross to fund a Mitigation Instructor who will be working on the shore in Uruguay and with the fishing fleets of the South Atlantic to train fishermen in the use of new techniques to protect these wonderful birds from becoming entrapped on fishing hooks and long lines.

* Cinereous Vultures, listed as critical in Armenia, were helped when Lush gave £10,000 to the Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds to set up supplemental feeding sites at established locations, satellite tracking of juvenile birds, and a large-scale education program targeted at hunters, shepards and schools.

* European Rollers, listed as vulnerable in Europe and near threatened globally, received a boost after a £9,960 donation. Funds went to conduct in-depth population studies to understand breeding trends and better coordinate conservation efforts.

Says Lush Founder and CEO Mark Constantine “We founded Lush on the principle of making products that are fresh and natural, with minimal or no packaging and no animal testing. Lush is kind to the environment, animals and our customers, and now we want to do even more, to be proactive in helping those who fight to protect the birds of the world.” Constantine adds, “Financially it’s a risky venture for us, but we are hoping that the Charity Pot will be an enormous success and we aim to raise around £1,000,000 in the UK alone in the first year, and to keep on growing the scheme from there.”

4th July 2014