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BirdLife’s urgent call to Think Pink

Time is running out for Africa’s flamingos…

Today sees the launch of BirdLife’s Think Pink campaign, a response to the growing and urgent threat facing a crucial breeding site for Africa’s Lesser Flamingos. Tanzania’s Lake Natron is the only East African site where the Lesser Flamingo nests successfully. Three quarters of the world’s population of this enigmatic bird breed there because food is plentiful, nesting sites abound and because the lake exists in almost total isolation, free from outside disturbance.

In recent months however, the Tanzanian Government and the Indian company Tata Chemicals have together put forward proposals to build a large-scale soda ash plant on the lakeside, internationally recognised as a Ramsar wetland site and Important Bird Area by BirdLife.BirdLife International believes the development and associated infrastructure –as plans currently stand- could do irreversible damage to the global population of this, one of Africa's most charismatic birds. BirdLife is therefore fully opposed to the development, and is calling for supporters –members of BirdLife Partners, journalists or concerned members of the public- to lend their voice to the global ‘Think Pink’ campaign.

There isn’t much time to act: Lake Natron Resources Limited (a joint venture of the Tanzanian Government and Tata Chemicals) have now submitted a revised version of their Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) to Tanzania’s National Environment Management Council, who will in turn make recommendations to Tanzania’s Minister of State in the Vice-Presidents Office, for Environment. This is expected to take place on November 2nd 2007.Time is running out for Africa’s flamingos… We’re counting on your support, and the support of others who may not yet know about this BirdLife campaign: Think Pink – save Africa’s flamingos see: http://www.birdlife.org/action/campaigns/lake_natron_flamingos/index.html

4th July 2014