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CABS report successful completion of Cyprus and Malta Camps

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The spring bird protection camps on Cyprus and Malta conducted by the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) have come to a successful conclusion.


On Cyprus an international team from Germany, Great Britain, Israel and Italy took part in operations across the south of the island out from 16th to 27th April 2008 with an international team. Almost 200 trapping sites were discovered and checked and 2 poachers were apprehended by the police. In 11 restaurants song birds were illegally offered for sale to team members and these details were passed to the Cyprus police.Hunting
Although spring hunting is banned on Cyprus, CABS teams counted 36 shots in the countryside during their 10 day stay on the island in April.

In 2000, BirdLife Cyprus published an estimate, according to which some 12.6 million song birds are illegally trapped with lime sticks and mist nets annually. The observations by CABS in spring 2008 on the extent of bird trapping raise fears that this estimate is possibly still too low. During the small scale CABS’ pilot operation alone some 137 sites were located with poles prepared to take 800 mist nets.

Officers of the Republic of Cyprus and of the British SBA Police, as well as members of the Game Fund, were very friendly and professional on all occasions, whether in discussions or on operations. Operations were discussed and coordinated with BirdLife Malta. The pilot camp was a success and operations on a larger scale will be conducted in the coming years.

The full report is available online here http://www.komitee.de/en/index.php?cypruscamp2008 Malta

The CABS spring bird protection camp on Malta took place from 26.04 to 04.05.2008. The seven participants from Germany, Great Britain and USA/Malta, in cooperation with the environmental unit of the Malta Police A.L.E. seized 16 clap nets, 28 live decoy birds and 21 cages. Criminal proceedings are being taken against two trappers. On the 9 day of the operation some 1,350 shots were registered despite the ban on spring hunting and several dead birds were recovered. In numerous cases photographs were taken of persons illegally carrying guns in the countryside and a complaint registered with the police.

While operations were being prepared for in Germany, the judges of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), ruling on the complaints brought by various organisations, found that spring hunting on Malta contravened the EU Birds Directive and should therefore be banned by the government in Valletta. Thanks to the ECJ judgement against Malta and the resulting ban on hunting, the numbers of birds shot on the island in spring 2008 were lower than at any time before the invention of the shotgun.

4th July 2014