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Lift the gloom

Travel bargains for birders

Many world birders are currently hesitant about spending money on overseas travel because of the global financial meltdown. But, fewer birders are aware that almost unbelievable bargains are available right now to places like South Africa, Namibia and India, because of the financial crisis. For example, a Namibia tour that cost US$5904 less than a year ago currently costs only $4310 – that means that for UK, European and American birders, overseas travel can be dirt cheap right now. It means one actually saves $1594 per person for this tour. These huge discounts are because Namibian Dollars, South African Rands, Indian Rupees (and no doubt other “soft” currencies) have dramatically lost value (relative to GB Pounds and US dollars) because of the crisis.

This creates a (very) positive (at least for birders based in the Developed World) twist to the financial predicaments of serious birders (who by their very nature need to travel). In addition, if you visit these countries now, it is a win-win situation – you win because it is much cheaper than usual, and the countries you visit also win because you are directly supporting the B&B’s, tour companies and other environmentally-friendly businesses in the developing countries. These countries need support even more now because they are also suffering from the financial meltdown. So why not join a trip now, save yourself a great deal of money and also contribute directly to needy economies. For those of you worried that your carbon footprint will increase with air travel bear in mind that most airlines are recording falling numbers of passengers and your using up an empty seat has a marginal effect which you can offset yourself with a donation to tree-planting schemes in the third world in particular.

For South African, Namibian and Indian bargains take a look at, in particular, Birding Ecotours trips and Asian Adventures tours on the Birders Travel website… http://www.birderstravel.com

4th July 2014