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Brazil 2017 with Birding Ecotours

…still a couple of last-minute places available

Join us in late August and September this year for an amazing birding journey through Brazil, from the Amazon to the Pantanal and beyond. There are a still a couple of last-minute places available. Mention Fatbirder.com and we’ll mail the field guide to you free of charge.

Hyacinth Macaws - Pantanal ©Oz Horine

The first leg, shown HERE, provides you with an opportunity to experience not only the world’s most bird-rich biome (the Amazon) from the comfort of the famed Cristalino Lodge, but it also allows you to see a large chunk of the world’s largest wetland (the Pantanal). The Pantanal is not only very bird-rich, but is also full of relatively easy to see charismatic mammals and we look for Jaguar, Ocelot, Crab-eating Raccoon, Crab-eating Fox, Capybara and all the others while looking for the avian specials.

Black-faced Dacnis

The second leg, shown HERE, allows us to target the Critically Endangered Brazilian Merganser (world population: less than 250 and declining) along with Cerrado endemics. Cerrado is Brazil’s second largest biome (after the Amazon) and covers about a fifth of Brazil’s vast land area.

We also run Atlantic Forest endemics tours in Brazil, and we’re planning a 2018 trip to target the recently described, Critically Endangered, Araripe Manakin (along with Lear’s Macaw and other northern Brazil specials)

Chris Lotz

16th June 2017