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The Birder's Guide to Africa

…‘must consult’ before you venture forth

By Michael Mills, illustrated by Tasso Leventis | Go-Away-Birding | Paperback | August 2017 | 544 Pages | Numerous illustrations & 2 Colour Maps | ISBN: 9780620717250

dbirding in Africa
The Birders Guide to Africa

The Publisher’s View: The Birder's Guide to Africa presents the first comprehensive and detailed summary of bird watching in the African region, covering all mainland territories and associated islands. There is an overview of the birding in the region in the introduction, highlighting key destinations for different kinds of travellers. This is followed by Country Accounts for all 68 territories that comprise the region, in which details on travel and birding are provided for each territory, including a comprehensive list of important bird taxa to be targeted on a visit. In the Family Accounts, 142 bird families are recorded from the region, described briefly, and illustrated with spectacular photographs. Finally, the Species Accounts for all 2,792 bird species with detail information on ease of seeing, distribution, status, habitat, subspecies, taxonomic issues and best places to see.Any serious world lister or keen African eco-traveller will find an abundance of information of relevance to their interest.

The Authors: Michael Mills has a background in ornithological research and has many publications in that field. He has a Masters Degree in Conservation Biology from the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, and is a specialist bird guide, having travelled throughout the continent leading bird watching tours to remote areas, including Angola where he was employed by the A. P. Leventis Ornithological Research Institute of Nigeria, in partnership with BirdLife South Africa. (see his publication list). Tasso Leventis is Director of the Leventis Group International Companies, which have investments worldwide and he is the Chairman of the A G Leventis Foundation. He has been involved in nature conservation and activities encouraging an environmental approach to development from West Africa, where he spent much of his working life, to other parts of Africa, Southern Europe and South America.  As a result of this interest, he has served as Trustee on the Boards of a number of international civil organisations, all of which have a focus on finding solutions to the degradation of the natural environment. He holds honorary Doctorates from the University of Jos and the Agricultural University of Abeokuta, both in Nigeria.


Fatbirder View: Michael Mills made a presentation to this year’s British Bird Fair about his book, which is based on a new analytical approach, and gives a comprehensive overview of Africa and its related islands is provided, relevant to birders. The avifauna is summarised and key countries for birding highlighted. He kindly handed a copy of his book to me to review.What a splendid idea and so well executed too. I admit to being very impressed. A quick thumb through to countries, bird families and species I know confirmed to me that this is remarkably comprehensive given it covers an entire continent. This is achieved by brevity and concentrating on what one needs to know from getting visas, to crime rates and ease of travel it’s all there and, for many places the most up to date information anywhere. Phots range from stunning to acceptable and all illustrate, for example, the bird families by typical selections. I have no hesitation in recommending the book. It’s not one to take with you, unless you are visiting a number of countries… but it is most definitely a ‘must consult’ before you venture forth, if for no other reason (and believe me there are many) than that by looking at the country pages you can find the best time to go, and by looking and the species where you need to be to get the birds you are after.

Available direct from Michael Mills HERE for customers in South Africa, UK and Australia.

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1st October 2017