Fatbirder Advice & Reviews

Over the past several weeks Fatbirder.com has begun to create new pages in response to requests for advice. The intention is to expand the advice pages and collect together reviews that help birders make decisions on which optics and fieldguides to buy.

Under the ‘Sight, Sound & Equipment’ menu you will find new pages for Binocular Reviews, Telescope Reviews, Fieldguide Reviews and Birding Apps Reviews. It should be easy to read relevant reviews undertaken over the last decade (or even longer for classic guides) and with the support of the ‘Fatbirder Advice’ pages ensure that you get the right guide or piece of kit for you.

Other pages may follow collecting together existing reviews and adding more as we test more equipment or when new guides are published. New reviews will continue to be displayed on the front page, but not all will make it to the selected pages… many being other books and accessories rather than essential items.

Depending on demand and supply of review items more pages may follow.