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Prunellidae – Accentors

The Prunellidae or accentors are the only bird family, which is endemic to the Palearctic. This small group of closely related passerines...

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Eulacestomatidae – Ploughbill

The Wattled Ploughbill Eulacestoma nigropectus is a small, approximately 14cm long, olive-brown passerine with a strong, thick, wedge-shaped black bill, the upper...

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Aegithalidae – Bush Tits

The bushtits Aegithalidae, are a family of small, drab passerine birds with moderately long tails. The family contains 11 species in four...

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Eupetidae – Rail-Babbler

The Eupetidae familly consists of just one species the Rail-Babbler recently shown by DNA sequencing to warrant full family status. The Rail-babbler...

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Picathartidae – Rockfowl

Rockfowl (sometimes called bald crows) are a small genus of two passerine bird species forming the family Picathartidae They are found in...

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