National Audubon Society Appeal

Our best bird law is under siege. Together we can defend it.

Great Egret

We don’t lose birds a billion at a time. We lose them bit by bit, through indifference and greed, with each protection that’s stripped away.

But there’s hope, because we save birds the same way: through each of us resolving to defend them, one bird lover at a time. Do it in 2020 as a committed monthly donor. When you start your monthly gift today, your gift three months will automatically be matched. But don’t delay, because this special offer ends at midnight tonight!

Now at risk is the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The Trump administration has gutted this crucial protection: Instead of holding companies responsible for the harm they cause, now it will let them off the hook for all but intentional deaths—turning the birds they kill into acceptable losses.

And that’s true for small construction sites and major oil operations alike. Consider the consequences. When a million birds died in the wake of Deepwater Horizon, BP had to pay $100 million in fines because of the MBTA. But under the weakened law, they wouldn’t pay a dime. They could simply claim those deaths were accidental. 

That’s the cost of indifference and greed: losing the birds we love. We can’t let that happen—not when we’re in the midst of a worldwide bird emergency. Not now, and not ever.

Audubon has mobilised to defend the MBTA and the birds that rely on it. We’re already challenging the administration in court, and we’re pushing for a bill in Congress that reaffirms the law. And we’re gaining ground: That legislation just advanced in the U.S. House yesterday. But our most powerful defence depends on you.

Stand up for birds today with your monthly gift, and you’ll protect them all year long. Your sustained support will help us uphold key conservation laws and fight every threat birds face. And best of all, the first three months of your gift will be instantly matched—as long as you say you’re with us before midnight tonight.

Thank you in advance. We couldn’t do this work without friends like you.