This will be a brief review, as I have reviewed the original text fully before – way back when I reviewed Michael Morcombe’s Australian Birds fieldguide and said the only thing I could fault was its portability… when the next edition was published it was not only in a pocket edition but quoted my whinge on the back cover.

Well since then I acquired an iPod touch and immediately set out looking for birding apps and added both the Sibley guide for North America, Sasol for southern Africa and Collins for Europe… I am delighted to report that what I consider the best field guide for Australia is now available as an app.

I wouldn’t give up the hard copy for the app – but it has one huge advantage – bird calls! I’d keep the book both for the superb text and as a terrific reference.

Sorry guys, if you have one or the other my advice is firmly – go get the other one too. As far as I am concerned its what technology is for – a properly portable fieldguide that offers calls as well as pictures.

Enuff sed?