St Helena, Ascension Island & Tristan da Cunha

St Helena Plover (Wirebird) Charadius sanctaehelenae
Birding British Overseas Territories

Saint Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cuna are all British overseas Territories in the South Atlantic with the nearest land mass most often being Africa or Antarctica. Below you will find links to their individual pages. Follow those links to detailed information on each of the islands.

Often on pelagic cruises all three islands will be visited so that the majority of trip reports cover all three territories.

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Useful Reading

  • A Guide to the Birds of St Helena and Ascension Island

    | By Neil McCulloch | RSPB | 2004 | Paperback | 92 Pages, Colour Illustrations | ISBN: 9781901930467 Buy this book from
  • St Helena and Ascension Island: A Natural History

    | By Philip & Myrtle Ashmole | Anthony Nelson | 2000 | Hardback | 475 pages, 32 pp colour illustrations, line drawings, maps, diagrams, cased | ISBN: 9780904614619 Buy this book from
Trip Reports

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  • 2017 [04 April] - Wildwings

    PDF Report
    Leaving most of the southern tubenoses behind, we next set course for St. Helena. The number of species seen declined rapidly but there were still new things to note: Strap-toothed Whale and Flying Squid among them. The approach to the island and trips on a local boat rewarded us with a Whale Shark, Pantropical Spotted and Bottlenose Dolphins, Red-billed Tr o p i c b i r d, Brown and Masked Booby, Brown and Black Noddy, a few Sooty Terns and White Tern. The soon-to-be-named “St. Helena” Storm-petrel was seen in large numbers at Egg Island and many St. Helena Ploverswere on Deadwood Plain.

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