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There are surprisingly few Ornithology courses in light of the fact that there are many millions of birders. However, there are some Degree and Diploma courses and even a few certificate courses that can be take as distant learning.

Those courses I know about with Websites are listed below – please let me know of any I have missed.

Museums & Universities
  • Birmingham University - Part-time Ornithology Courses: GradDip and MSc

    University of Birmingham CertHE and DipHE courses in Ornithology are now upgraded and we are now recruiting for a new Part-time Graduate Certificate Ornithology course and a new Part-time MSc in Ornithology. The MSc is unique within Europe. We have also established a Centre for Ornithology and the courses are now run by Graham Martin from the new Centre. As before the courses are part-time taught at weekends and are open to people of all ages. Full details of the courses are now available on the web site - there is a link to courses from the home page that gives a lot of information
  • Bishop Burton College

    Environment Courses
    The need for suitably qualified graduates within the field of environmental conservation is rising due to increasing awareness of the importance of local, national and international biodiversity. On this course you will be trained as a multi-skilled graduate, able to investigate problems and create solutions within the wide ranging field of conservation.
  • Capel Manor College

    HND in Ornithology
  • Charles Darwin University

    Charles Darwin University, based in Darwin Northern Territory of Australia, offers a short course 'Discovering Monsoon Tropical Birds'
  • Charles Sturt University, New South Wales - Ornithology Courses

    The courses currently offered by Charles Sturt University are the graduate certificate and graduate diploma, with both offered internationally. These are the only degree-based university courses specifically based on ornithology offered anywhere in the world, and we presently have students based in North America, Europe and Africa. The graduate certificate is the entry-level course, with many students choosing to go on and enrol in the graduate diploma. Additional information about the ornithology course is set out on the course web site…
  • City College of San Francisco - Field Ornithology Course

    The Golden Gate Audubon Society endorses these classes. Slides illustrate all lectures. The instructor may arrange optional field trips on weekends… See the instructors website at: http://fog.ccsf.cc.ca.us/~jmorlan
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Home Study Course in Bird Biology

    Learn about bird behavior, ecology, conservation, and many other subjects
  • Duchy College - Cornwall UK - Bird Biology

    New animal science foundation course in Bird Biology
  • University of Copenhagen - NNMK11002U Ornithology

    The course aims to provide students with a theoretical and systematic knowledge of ornithology as a basis for continued learning about birds. The students will learn about the methods used in ornithological research and thereby obtain the ability to evaluate ornithological studies. Furthermore, they will obtain competences in communicating about scientific ornithological studies. After the course the students will be well qualified to start Master’s Thesis project within ornithology.
  • University of Helsinki

    REL 120+220 Identification of birds and mammals - Wildlife Management
  • University of Hull - Biology with Ornithology

    If you want to develop your interest in birds academically while leaving your options open in Biology then this is the degree programme for you. Working in partnership with Bishop Burton College we have combined our areas of expertise to develop an exciting ornithology pathway that integrates with a broad based biology provision…
  • University of Waterloo - Fundamentals of Ornithology

    Course Details
    Fundamentals of Ornithology (Downloadable Online Course!) - Enviroquest Ltd., 352 River Road, Cambridge, Ontario N3C 2B7, Canada - Phone/Fax: 519-658-0573
  • Association of Field Ornithologists

    A Guide for Neotropical Ornithologists and Conservationists Seeking Advanced Degrees at Universities in The United States. This document is designed to help potential foreign applicants, especially those interested in conservation aspects of tropical biology, in their pursuit of such a degree.
  • Conservation through Research Education and Action

    Conservation through Research Education and Action [CREA] is a UK registered charity organisation dedicated to the conservation of tropical environments that offers short field courses in several disciplines of Tropical Biology in Panama. One such course is Ornithology. Panama, a country smaller than the UK contains over1000 species of birds and straddles two of the worlds 25 biodiversity hotspots. We run separate courses for gap year, undergraduates and naturalists at our field station in the hilly forested region of centralPanama. Courses are given by university lecturers and participants take part in research being conducted at the station. All proceeds from our courses gotowards conserving forests and undertaking research.
  • Kindrogan - Scotland

  • RSPB - Courses, Classes & Workshops

    In a friendly atmosphere, and with expert advice on hand, learn how to identify birds, make a nature diary, develop your drawing and writing skills plus much, much more. Some of these events run over a number of weeks, allowing you to build up your skills before putting your new-found knowledge into practice, while other events are meant as brush-up sessions. Whatever your ability you will find an event to suit you.…
Other Links
  • ACS Distance Education - Ornithology - BEN102

    The aim of this course is to introduce the student to the many interesting and diverse bird species, and their physiology and habitats. You will learn a wide variety of things, through a combination of things such as reading, interacting with tutors, undertaking research and practical tasks, including observing birds
  • Bay Area Birding class - Palo Alto Adult School [Birding Boot Camp]

    This intermediate class is geared toward students with previous birding experience and confidence with common species. Bird identification, vocalization and behavior as well as seasonal trends and recent bird news will be addressed Monday evenings. Saturday field experiences will include half-day visits to birding hot spots in the bay area and some full-day trips to more distant locations
  • Field Nature Studies - Calfornia

    Our field study courses explore subjects, and take participants, outside of the classroom. Enjoy studying botany in a grassy meadow in Yosemite, examining geological formations deep in Death Valley, or searching for volcanic activity near Mono Lake?
  • Field Studies Council - Special Interest Courses

    All the courses listed are designed to improve your identification skills and understanding of animal lifestyles. You can appreciate both common and rare species so much more if you have a real grounding in how to observe and what to look for. In many cases, we also highlight the impact of human activities on bird and other animal populations and share concerns about relevant conservation issues. So whatever your previous level of knowledge and experience, the teaching styles of FSC tutors will help you develop the confidence and experience to take your interests further when you leave our Centres.
  • Know Your Birds

    KNOWYOURBIRDS is the only site where people can, in a short time, really get to know common, and less common European birds via Internet. Professionally produced multi-media bird-recognition courses, with original artwork and recordings, are available the whole year round. Each monthly lesson covers species that can be currently seen and heard. The modules deal with all kinds of birds: songbirds, birds of prey, migratory birds and residents. Subscribers can get a monthly newsletter, as well as answers to their own questions, free of charge via e-mail as well.
  • Lifebirds

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  • Maine Field Ornithology Programme

    Spend a week on Hog Island learning bird biology and ID from top ornithologists
  • Rishi Valley Institute - Home Study Course in Ornithology

    Course Details
    The Rishi Valley Institute offers a six-month course in Bird Study to promote better understanding of birds and their world in the general public, particularly among its youthful members. This course hopes to promote the cause of birds through creating an interest in birdwatching as a hobby among the general public. This is a self-study course, without any form of direct instructions, which students will have to study and complete on their own. The Director, Institute of Bird Studies and Natural History, Rishi Valley - 517 352, (Chittoor District), Andhra Pradesh. Email: birds@rishivalley.org

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