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When I started Fatbirder I did so because nothing like it existed – I wanted a website that pointed me to websites about birding that wasn’t run by a search engine that could be manipulated. Since then a whole plethora of such sites seemed to multiply across the internet. Nearly two decades on and most have fallen by the wayside – just keeping them up-to-date like fatbirder was too much hassle.

There also used to be many different search engines competing for your attention… now almost everyone uses Google, so much so that it has entered the dictionary. But you can pay to push your site to the first ten and some ‘portmanteau’ sites, that carry hardly any information, vie for your attention just to bombard you with marketing. Many search engines are no more than data collecting marketing machines too.

Signpost sites like Fatbirder declined so much that most people wanting someone to point the way to trip reports, overseas birding, their state’s birding resources etc now take a look at our site. Why? Because is constantly updated, corrected and modified to suit birders everywhere.

The links below are resource pages… websites with lots of links to other birding websites or to information sources for ornithologists or about individual species of birds. They are places to visit and to start your search… especially those that have a special angle. Like Fatbirder many of these sites carry links to the rest of the world… none of us can be truly comprehensive as websites come and go daily, but, if you can’t find what you are after on Fatbirder you may find something useful through one of the sites listed below.

If anyone knows of other really large links sites like these, as always, mail the Fatbirder with details.

Beware that not all such sites keep their information as up-to-date as Fatbirder does…

I also find it a tad frustrating when some sites turn out to be no more than hard to navigate search engines – [portmanteau sites that index everything, but say nothing. Some rely on minimalist, shallow copy supplied by full-time content writes who know nothing about the subject they write about, relying on sites like to glean their information and present it as there own!

  • Endangered Species International

    Endangered Species International is strongly committed to reversing the trend of human-induced species extinction, saving endangered animals, and preserving wild places.
Other Links
  • Birding Hotspots around the World

    This site is . o longer updated
  • Neornithes

    The Neornithes are the modern birds. These are the most recent common ancestor of all living birds and all its descendants. There are about 9 to 10,000 known living bird species in the world.
  • Surfbirds

    Transatlantic birding
  • The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    Dedicated to advancing the understanding and protection of the natural world, the Cornell Lab joins with people from all walks of life to make new scientific discoveries, share insights, and galvanize conservation action.
  • WorldTwitch

    Welcome to WORLDTWITCH - a site for world birders. Since there are many websites covering birds and birding in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, Worldtwitch excludes those regions from routine coverage. It is of course impossible to provide comprehensive information about birding in the rest of the world. My goal is modest -- to publish or link to useful information about world birding that is difficult to find. I have not attempted to duplicate the detailed reports in the publications of the Oriental, Neotropical and African Bird Clubs or the Ornithological Society of the Middle East and indeed highly recommend that readers join and support those fine organizations.

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