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Birding Buenos Aires City

Here we refer to just the greater metropolitan area of the capital city – there is a separate page for the state of the same name. Having so many distinctive natural regions, Argentina offers very interesting birding opportunities. The wide latitudinal range includes tropical rainforests the north to the vast wind-swept Patagonian steppe in the south. The central pampas and hills, the Andes mountains along the western border with Chile and the eastern seacoast complete the basic picture of the country.

Argentina is still mostly wild and unspoilt, so visitors will be fascinated by the wide expanses, the great views and the chance to bird in solitary and remote places. In contrast, Buenos Aires is a large city. Even so, there are a number of nature reserves, which are good for birding. Of outstanding interest is the Costanera Sur Nature Reserve, due to its immediate proximity to the city centre, making it very convenient. Other nearby sites, described below, are also of interest.

Many farms close to Buenos Aires offer day visits to see the pampas. Some are geared as a show of traditional gaucho activities (dances, rodeos, etc. plus the incomparable asado barbecue,); but others do offer good birding outings, which will typically take you out on the grasslands, through native or implanted forests and past swampy lagoons. To get further afield, tour operators provide excellent day trips and longer excursions to spot Argentina`s more than 1,000 bird species. The main places are outlined below…

Top Sites
  • NR Buenos Aires Ecological Reserve (Costanera Sur Nature Reserve)

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    Also known as Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur, is a 865-acre (3.50 km2) tract of low land on the Río de la Plata riverbank located on the east side of the district of Puerto Madero. A number of trails leading to the river are perfect for birdwatching.
  • Parque Natural Municipal Ribera Norte

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    Ribera Norte is an excellent place for birding. If your are visiting Buenos Aires, birding at Costanera Sur is a must due to its proximity and greater avian diversity, but Ribera Norte has its singular attractions too…
  • Reserva de Vicente Lopez

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    It is a small place with short but attractive walks around a lagoon, crossing a swamp. Good for seeing Spot-flanked Gallinule, Southern Lapwing (in nearby playingfield) and White-browed Blackbird (in summer) There is a Visitor Center, with posters, small reference library, restroom, warden (not permanent). Good security provided by permanent police patrol. Open: 9am to 5pm (winter) and 9am to 6pm (summer) Phone: (5411) 4795-7445
  • Sergio Corbet


  • Alec Earnshaw


Number of Species
  • Number of bird species: 393

    (As at May 2019)
Museums & Universities
  • Museo Argentina de Ciencias Naturales (MACN)

    The Museo Argentina de Ciencias Naturales (MACN) has on display many stuffed animals including a large collection of birds with rarities such as a Harpy Eagle. The museum is an important center of study and stores an important collection of bird skins. Address: Av. Angel Gallardo 470
  • Museo de Ciencias Naturales de La Plata

    Another interesting museum in the city of La Plata, has some displays with stuffed birds.
  • Administración de Parques Nacionales

    The National Parks organization of Argentina. The interesting web site has information on every National Park and other reserves. Address: Santa Fe 690 - (1059) – Buenos Aires Phone: [5411] 4311-0303 [Website in Spanish only]
  • Aves Argentinas

    Now 85 years old, is the first NGO in Argentina created to address environmental issues. It is the local partner of Birdlife International. It promotes conservation of the wild bird population, runs many courses, encourages studies and runs several conservation projects. Address: 25 de Mayo 749

Abbreviations Key

  • NP Parque Natural Municipal Ribera Norte

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    The last bit of wilderness between the town and the river Acassuso, San Isidro (northern suburbs of Buenos Aires city), Argentina.
  • NR Reserva Costanera Sur - Buenos Aires

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    The top birding site in the city
  • NR Reserva Natural Puerto de la ciudad de Mar del Plata

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    The Puerto Mar del Plata Nature Reserve is an environment with unique characteristics in Mar del Plata that functions as a buffer between industrial, tourist and residential areas. In it, different ecosystems are represented: wetland, dune, beaches, lagoons and pastures.
  • NR Reserva de Vicente Lopez

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    Right by the American Lincoln School in La Lucila, who shares in the running of the place. Small place with short but attractive walk around a lagoon, crossing a swamp. High tides have just knocked down the longer of two elevated walkways over the lagoon. Hopefully this will be restored by December 2002. Good for seeing Spot-flanked Gallinule, Southern Lapwing (in nearby playingfield) and White-browed Blackbird (in summer)Address: Where Parana Street meets the Rio de la Plata Coast. Parking space. Enter grounds and walk between costline and playing field to the fenced-in protected area. There is a Visitor Center, with posters, small reference library, restroom, warden (not permanent). Good security provided by permanent police patrol. Open: 9am to 5pm (winter) and 9am to 6pm (summer) Phone: (5411) 4795-7445
Guides & Tour Operators
  • Alec Earnshaw

    Tour Operator
    Alec Earnshaw is available to guide you around Ribera Norte Nature Reserve and on daytrips to all the hotspots in the BA area. He can also supply maps, plans, bird lists, photos, opening times, etc. Do the illustrated virtual trail walk now! See photos of birds, native plants, etc.
  • Seriema Nature Tours

    Tour Operator
    Seriema Nature Tours is a company based in Argentina, which focuses on Birding Tours and Natural History Tours. Since 1991, we have been leading and organizing trips throughout the area we know best: Southern South America.
  • Trogon Tours

    Tour Operator
    Trogon Tours is the official nature travel company of Birding Argentina, the leading birding and nature specialists for southern South America since 2001
Trip Reports
  • 2016 [02 February] - Alan Tate - Buenos Aires to Los Angeles Cruise

    So at the end of February we arrived in Buenos Aires, the day before our huge cruise liner was due to sail. A quick look at Costanera reserve was in order, but sadly "progress" has reared it's ugly head in the ten years since our previous visit. Most of the same species are still there, but the trails have been widened, the marsh area is much more vegetated and difficult to view. Whilst this is obviously better for birds the trails are now in use to a large extent by joggers and cyclists, so many birds are now staying hidden that used to be easily viewed.
  • 2022 [11 November] - Colin Reid

    PDF Report
    ...Creamy-bellied Thrush (4) in the main square and a Harris’s Hawk near the main cemetery which one of the other ‘tourists’ pointed out. The view was a bit shit, but happy with it. Also had great views of Monk Parakeet (20 in the La Boca area) but had seen them, as an established introduced species, in Athens, Greece...
Photographers & Artists
  • Photographer - Alec Earnshaw

    Includes 500+ of his own photos of Argentine birds - great stuff [as well as information on some birding places in the BA area. Alec is available as a guide to drive you out to the best hotspots].

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