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If you are looking to take out a subscription to a birding magazine the best way is to go direct to their website and see what deals they offer there, as this can be considerably cheaper. Most of the magazines listed below are based in the USA or UK but virtually all are available world wide.

On-line magazines can be terrific or frustrating. Too many come and go after a worthy couple of issues… others seem stuck in a time warp with an edition in the ether but no sign of any follow up. On the other hand they can combine up-to-date information with video clips and terrific computer graphics. You pays your money and takes your choice.

Personally I still like my hard copy… I can’t take my computer to bed or on the train or use a marker pen to underline text etc.

I subscribe to several magazines and see others from time to time, two are slightly different slants on birding and the third a more scientific one which, when I can understand it, keeps me abreast of avian science. Another is from the other side of the Atlantic.

Besides which I have had a column in Birdwatching Magazine for many years as the ‘Grumpy Old Birder’.

See the Ornithology Journals page for peer-reviewed journals with a more scientific bent.

Other Links
  • Africa - Birds & Birding

    on-line magazine of southern African birds.
  • 'E' - The Environmental Magazine

    This is a paperless magazine produced and hosted on line and emailed to subscribers
  • Alcedo - Ornitologia e natura

    The new Italian Magazine of breeding and ornithology
  • Ardeola

    Ardeola is the official scientific journal of the Spanish Society of Ornithology (SEO/Birdlife), and it has been published since the Society's foundation in 1954. Ardeola has expanded his scope recently to provide a renewed forum for publication of studies on all aspects of ornithology, carried out both in Spain and elsewhere…
  • Audubon Magazine

    Magazine of the Audubon Society… links to back issues and an on-line version of the magazine.
  • BBC Countryfile Magazine

    I've been a fan of BBC Countryfile since it was in Black & White! And am still a faithful fan every Sunday evening at 7.00pm. The magazine is just as good! Fatbirder
  • BBC Wildlife Magazine

    Your guide to the natural world, showcasing the wonder and beauty of wildlife.
  • Bird Observer

    Bird Observer is a New England-based bimonthly journal for birders. We are a nonprofit organization supported by subscribers, and staffed by volunteers. We publish original articles on birding locations, on avian populations and natural history, on regional rarities, book reviews and field notes, bird sightings, photographs, and artwork.
  • Bird Watching (UK)

    Welcome to, the website of the UK
  • BirdWatching (US)

    Subscribe now to North America’s premier magazine about wild birds and birding. Regardless of whether you enjoy birds in your backyard or far afield, you’ll discover information that will help you find, attract, identify, and understand birds.
  • Birds & Blooms

    Birds & Blooms brings beautiful backyards from across America into your living room through vivid, full-color photos. It`s like a friendly chat over the back fence with your bird-and-flower-loving neighbors.
  • Birdwatch

    Birdwatch was established by Dominic Mitchell in 1992 as an independent magazine for birders. It grew to become the leading monthly news and features magazine at the enthusiast end of the market, and since 2008 has been part of Warners Group Publications. The magazine is based in London alongside BirdGuides, which is also part of the Warners group.
  • Birdwatchers Digest

    We launched Bird Watcher's Digest in 1978 from our living room in Marietta, Ohio. Over the years we've learned a great deal about our fellow bird watchers and our goal of providing them with the world's greatest bird magazine has never changed.
  • British Birds

    British Birds is a monthly ornithological journal read by all serious birdwatchers around the World. Founded in 1907, British Birds is now published in association with Pica Press - publishers of bird and natural history books. Articles published in BB are written by eminent birdwatchers researched from original scientific observations and presented in a readable, up-to-date style. First 100 years now on-line!
  • Bulletin of the African Bird Club

    ABC Bulletin is produced twice yearly in spring and late summer and is sent to all members and corporate sponsors.
  • Ecology & Society

    Conservation Ecology is an electronic, peer-reviewed, scientific journal devoted to the rapid dissemination of current research. Manuscript submission, peer review, and publication are all handled on the Internet. Special software developed by the journal automates all clerical steps during peer review, and allows authors and editors (with the proper passwords) to follow the progress of peer review on the World Wide Web
  • Falklands Wildlife News

    The Falklands have become the scene of a bitter dispute between government and non-government funded conservationists over the protection of Falkland Islands penguins. Government-funded conservationists have been trying to assure worried environmentalists that Falklands penguin populations are adequately protected, despite recent oil spills. Non-government funded research suggests otherwise, and the dispute has led to one Falklands researcher being harassed through malicious phone calls, loss of employment, repeated arrests by the police, and threats of deportation as an undesirable.
  • Glaucus

    The first issue of Glaucus was published in September 1990. Since then 25 issues have been produced. The last issue was the Millennium 2000 issue.
  • Go Birdwatching Magazine

    Go Birdwatching is an annual publication aimed at new birdwatchers looking to get more out of the hobby.
  • Nature

    Whilst this is a generalist journal it is worldwide in scope and certainly covers lots of issues affecting birds as well as often having very specific articles.
  • Wild Planet Photo Magazine

    We specalise in all aspects of Wildlife and Nature Photography.

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