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Dicruridae – Drongos

The drongos, Dicruridae, are a family of passerine birds of the Old World tropics. They are related to the Rhipidurinae (Australasian fantails),...

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Neosittidae – Sitellas

Neosittidae; the sittellas, are a family of small passerines found only in Australasia. They resemble nuthatches, but whilst they were considered to...

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Bombycillidae – Waxwings

Bombycillidae commonly called waxwings are passerines in the genus Bombycilla. According to most authorities, this is the only genus placed in the...

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Timaliidae – Babblers

The Timaliidae is a large family with a lot of recent work on DNA sequencing changing orders and leading to several splits....

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