Can you name this biblical sounding bird?

We tend to be a serious lot (indeed birders seem to have a universal image everywhere as sad anoraks… but we do like some fun when it’s too dark to go birding. Try a few of the quizzes and puzzles below… I do.

Most local RSPB groups in the UK have quiz nights to raise money for conservation and to just enjoy the company of other birders.

There are also a growing number of competitions which are of interest to birders and, when I find out about them they will also appear below. Most bird magazines also have competitions from the chance to win the latest binoculars or a birding trip to just the knowledge that you will improve your ID skills…

Other Links
  • Bavarian Birds

    Computer Birding at Bavarian Birds - Bird Identification Quiz. Test your birding and linguistic skills in German/ English/ Scientific/ French/ Spanish/ Italian/ Dutch/ Danish/ Swedish & Norwegian - with more than 500 photos of more than 260 European species(including vagrants)
  • Bird Chat Quiz

  • British Garden Birds Quiz

    Why don't you test your bird identification skills by playing this quiz. There are no prizes, it's just a bit of light-hearted fun, though you will discover just how much you know about your garden birds and possibly learn some more at the same time!
  • Nord University Bird Quiz

    Multi-language/culture site with ID etc. The Beginners Quiz consists of a selection of pictures with sound of the commonest birds in Europe. If you find this quiz too easy, you can choose any of the other training quizzes. Every quiz allows you to choose 10, 20 or 30 questions, and gives you a choice of 20 seconds or unlimited time to decide your answer. When you've done your training quiz you can register your score and it will be placed on the results list, if you wish.
  • Ridge Wood Bird Quiz

    Are you a bird brain? Take this quiz and find out

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