The following sites are only here because I cannot think of anywhere else to put them… they are the miscellany or pot pouri of birding websites. The same can be said of the picture – it is so sharp and gloriously coloured that I’ve used it as a screen saver on my laptop – but I didn’t have another appropriate page free to use it – lucky this lucky dip page is here!

Some are spoof sites which are deliberately humourous, others just odd.

I have also read a number of novels on a bird or birding theme that are well worth a look but not appropriate for other pages… have fun with them too.

Just to demonstrate that birders will twitch anything! Here is a list of UK beers with birding connections from a recent thread on UKBN:Hardy & Hanson-Crazy Crow, Crowing Cock, Guzzling Goose, Swallows Rest, Harvey-Knots in May, Harviestoun-Ptarmigan 85/-, Hopback-Turkeys Downfall, Kelham Island-Golden Eagle Pale Ale, Lichfield-Black Swan, Loddon-Red Kite, Mallards Brewery, Marisco Tavern-John O’s Puffin Purge, Marstons-Goose’s Revenge, Mauldons-Cuckoo, Morland-Old Speckled Hen, Oakham-Cold Turkey, Old Cottage-Pheasant Plucker, Orkney-Raven Ale, Paradise-Speckled Parrot, Roosters Brewery, Scattor Rock-Kingfisher, Skinners-Penguin Stout, Swan Inn-Black Swan, Trumpeter, Whooper, Triple fff-Little-Red Rooster, Turkey Brewey, Vale-Black Swan, Watkins-Merlin Stout, Weltons-Old Cocky, West Yorkshire-Out for a Duck, White Hart-Tits Up Tits Down, Winfields-Raven Best Bitter, Woodbury-Green Goose, Woodfords-Spread Eagle Bitter, Woodhampton-Dipper, Jack Snipe, Ravenshead, Worldham-Harlequin – Contributed by Dave Parker

Useful Reading
  • A Bird in the Bush: A Social History of Birdwatching

    by Stephen Moss Hardcover 320 pages Aurum Press 2004 ISBN: 1854109936 Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • A Tiger in the Sand

    ? Selected Writings on Nature by Mark Cocker Jonathan Cape 2006 ISBN See Fatbirder Review ISBN: 0224078828 Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • A-Z of Birds: A Birder's Tales from Around the World

    by Bo Beolens | 236 pages | 26 Cartoons | Paperback | Aug 2013 | Brambleby Books ISBN: 9781908241238 Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Beguiled by Birds

    by Ian Wallace Hardcover 304 pages Christopher Helm 2004 ISBN: 0713665351 Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Birders

    by Mark Cocker Paperback 240 pages Vintage 2002 ISBN: 0099289547 Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Blokes and Birds

    Ed. Stephen Moss, Robin Chittenden [Photographs] Hardcover 96 pages New Holland Publishers 2003 ISBN: 1843304848 Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • British Birds - names~tales~myths

    by Geoff Green | Published by Geoff Green | 2015 | also available as e-book: ISBN 9780993334016 ISBN: 0993334032 Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - A Bird in the Hand

    by Ann Cleeves Century Hardcover - 200 pages (26 June, 1986) This is a murder mystery set in North Norfolk where twitchers get bumped off; it was the first in the series. ISBN: 0712694765 Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - A Murder of Crows: A Bob White Birder Murder Mystery

    by Jan Dunlop - Paperback - 2012 - North Star Press - ISBN: 9780878398768 Instead of sighting a rarity for his new nieces first bird list, Bob White finds a murder of crows, along with the body of an old birding buddy, amid the October leaves at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - A Prey to Murder

    by Ann Cleeves - ISBN: 0449145751 Everyone turned out for birdwatching on Open Day at Old Gorse Hill Hotel, including a killer ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - A Rant of Ravens

    Christine Goff, Berkeley Prime Crime 2000 ISBN: 0425173607 - A murder mystery with a birding background ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - Another Man's Poison

    by Ann Cleeves Paperback - 220 pages (25 September, 2000) Allison & Busby ISBN: 0749004363 ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - Beware The Laughing Gull

    A Lucy Wayles Mysteryby Lydia Adamson, Signet, August 1998, 256 pp. ISBN: 0451195981 ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - Beware the Butcherbird

    A Lucy Wayles Mysteryby Lydia Adamson Signet June 1997; $5.99 paperback 219 pp ISBN: 0451191218 ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - Beware the Tufted Duck

    A Lucy Wayles Mysteryby Lydia Adamson, Signet, 1996 ISBN: 0451190246 ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - High Island Blues

    by Ann Cleeves ISBN: 0708937888 - Set against the backdrop of the Texan spring fall of birds, an ornithological crime novel which sees George and Molly Palmer-Jones on either side of the Atlantic investigating the same murder until a second identical murder is committed. ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - Macaws of Death

    A Robyn Devara Mysteryby Karen Dudley, Ravenstone 2002 ISBN: 0888012748 - A murder mystery set at a Research Station in the jungle of Costa Rica ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - Mill on the Shore

    by Ann Cleeves ISBN: 0449149188 - In an English Wildlife Sanctuary, a celebrated environmentalist is one dead duck ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - Sea Fever

    by Ann Cleeves Allison & Busby Paperback ISBN: 0749003642 - 202 pages new edition (28 February, 2000) is about pelagics and the murder of an ambitious and aggressive birder who will stop at nothing to get a tick! I wonder who she modelled him on? ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - The Boreal Owl Murder

    A Bob White Birder Murder Mystery by Jan Dunlap - North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc.; 1 edition (July 2008) or Kindle Edition (30 Oct 2009) ISBN: 9780878392773See Fatbirder Review ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - The Case of the Hook-billed Kites

    by J S Borthwick, Penguin Crime 1982 ISBN: 014006785X ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - The Goshawk

    by T H White ISBN: 0140019316 - There story of training the bird ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - The Stonor Eagles

    by William Horwood Arrow Paperback - 600 pages 1991 ISBN: 0099455404 - has a storyline of white-tailed eaglestrying to re-establish in Scotland, and a parallel storyline concerning the main lead, who learns his birdwatching skills in Kent, wandering the dunes as a lad between his home town of Deal and Sandwich point after the second world war ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Fiction - The Twitch

    Birdwatching can be murder... by Kevin Parr | Unbound | 2014 | Paperback ISBN: 9781908717986 Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Hoot to Kill

    A Robyn Devara Mystery by Karen Dudley, Ravenstone ISBN: 0888012918 A murder mystery set searching for owls in a logging valley ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • How to Be a Bad Birdwatcher

    by Simon Barnes Hardcover Publisher: Short Books 2004 See Fatbirder Review ISBN: 190409595X Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • The Lost World of the Moa: Prehistoric Life of New Zealand (Life of the Past S.)

    by Trevor Worthy, Richard Holdaway, Rod Morris Hardcover 592 pages - Indiana University Press 2002 ISBN: 0253340349 Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • The Red Heron

    A Robyn Devara Mystery by Karen Dudley, Ravenstone ISBN: 0888012403 ISBN: Buy this book from NHBS.com
  • Travelogue - Bird of Life, Bird of Deatth

    by Jonthan Evan Maslow - a naturalist's journey through a land of political turmoil ISBN: 0140088776 Buy this book from NHBS.com
Other Links
  • A Field Guide to Hollywood Bird Songs

    The wizards of Hollywood can duplicate a city street on a studio back lot, create convincing jungle warfare on a sound stage in Culver City, dazzle you with special effects. Technical advisors
  • Bird Bits

    Welcome all Bird and Critter Lovers! All of natures critters are so amusing and entertaining to watch, and very educational too. The birds are particularly amusing to me. You may be surprised to find what you could learn from the birds
  • Birding Slang

    Bored I put this list of birders slang together...
  • Birding tattoos

    This is where I present a collection of cool birding tattoos. Send me a mail if there's one you'd like to add
  • Collective names for birds

    Long list
  • Collective names for birds

    Collective terms
  • Fiddle Tunes

    Cheeky but I couldn`t resist ading this! - This is one of the tastiest independent label albums you will come across any time soon. The eclectic mix of Texas fiddle and bluegrass to Celtic and jazz may raise an eyebrow or two, but the entire collection of songs is tied together by a single theme. All songs are tunes with bird names. The standards are wonderfully interpreted without losing the original integrity, and the originals Arvel composed are an incredible mastery of the music inspired by the calls and characteristics of our winged friends
  • From the Canyons to the Stars

    Tom McKinney's latest blog featuring music about birds. 52 posts in 2015. And then it's all over!
  • Jan Dunlop

    To be honest, I didn
  • Kid Wings

    Lots of fun stuff for young birders…
  • Making Bird Houses With Unused Material At Home

    Here Are some creative ideas on converting unused or waste material into bird houses…
  • Maria's Duck Tales

    Duck Tales is meant to be a happy, whimsical sight - one in which I am able to share my observations which are based upon years of watching my little wildfriends interact with each other and with me. Although, I tend to romanticize them in my stories, there is a very serious side to helping nature take care of them and, at times, a very sad side, which I would rather not write about.
  • Reality Birding League

    This is the website of the Reality Birding League run for members of Lancaster and District Birdwatching Society.
  • The Amazing World of Birds

    ?Welcome to the beautiful, the wonderful, the truly amazing world of birds. Birds are truly beautiful creatures, they are also fascinating and all around us, roosting and nesting on our buildings and feeding in our gardens and refuse dumps, they are easy to find and fun to observe
  • Two-Fisted Bird Watcher

    A man holds a pair of binoculars, one hand wrapped around each side. His fingers are curled like fists, and they come together making a strong symbolic statement. You
  • World Birding Series

    We would be delighted to welcome you into the special ranks of World Series Birders. There are several levels - Level I (Competitive Teams); Level II (Individuals or Non-Competitive Teams); Level III (School/Youth Teams); Level IV (Seniors). Levels vary in terms of intensity, skill and focus, but all have one thing in common. All draw upon your skills and your enthusiasm to raise money and public awareness levels for bird protection

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