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…weather and rain have undone it again, and now you would never know…

Birding and weather are inescapably linked. Birds don’t seem to mind foul conditions, but of course they have no choice. Its a matter of weather the storm to survive and many species have to search for food to get through the day. On the other hand many birders might be put off! Sunshine makes life more pleasant (and viewing through scopes and bins better); but is far from essential. Temperature is somewhat irrelevant – we dress appropriately. Rain is just plain annoying!

Wind direction and strength is all important. Brisk on-shore winds favour sea watching. Calm conditions make it easier to hear bird song and calls.

In the migration seasons, Southerly winds in Spring might result in a few interesting overshoots. In the Autumn, strong Westerlies blow those Americans across the Atlantic. Drizzly, South Easterlies can result in big falls of passerines on the East Coast.

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