Outdoor Clothing for Birders

Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly  ~ Epictetus

Serious birders will often need serious clothing if they are to pursue their hobby in all weathers or in overseas climates. For some this may be a fashion statement or a walking gallery of places they have visited, but for most of us its a matter of wearing the best clothes we can afford that do the job. Below we list some of the top manufacturers and retailers in nations around the world who will be able to cater for your needs.

You will find that the majority allow you to shop on line so it may well be worth trying an overseas supplier if you cannot find what you need at home.

Weather is not the only consideration – wearing subdued colours typical of the habitat is as much part of fieldcraft as keeping a low slow profile and not making undue noise – kahki, greens and browns are favourite for most places we bird. Clothes that do not crackle and russle nor restrict your movement is also worth giving thought to. Whatever your needs one of the suppliers below should be able to help.

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Useful Information
  • Audubon

    Birdist Rule #49: How to Dress for Birding
  • GearWeAre

    GearWeAre are a website dedicated to reviewing outdoor clothing and accessories.
  • Live For The Outdoors

    All the latest reviews of outdoor gear from the teams behind trail and country walking magazines appear here. Whether it's an expert review on a pair of boots, a tent, a jacket or a flask – you'll find the verdict.
  • Mountain IQ

    At Mountain IQ we are passionate about outdoor adventure. Our exploits in the mountains and backcountry allow us to try and test the latest outdoor gear.
  • Outdoor Gear Lab

    The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of outdoor gear
  • Switch Back Travel

    Reviews and buyer's guides on the best outdoor gear for hiking, backpacking, camping, climbing, skiing, and more
Other Links
  • Alpine Trek [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    It seems like outdoor sport and leisure clothes are being advertised everywhere. What distinguishes outdoor gear from everyday clothing is the way the individual garments are specially adapted for the relevant outdoor sports.
  • Arc'Teryx [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    Our designers strive to challenge assumptions about how outdoor products should be built and radically improve the status quo. We have created ground-breaking construction technology, developed paradigm-shifting designs and been the catalyst to major new fabric ideology. We have cemented our reputation at the pinnacle of the outdoor world by producing the most innovative and superbly crafted packs, harnesses and apparel available
  • Berghaus [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    There's no point having product if there's no-one around to use it. It
  • Big Pockets [US]

    Outdoor Clothing
    To complement our BigPockets clothing line, we have added many new gear and accessory items to the BigPockets Online Catalog. These items have been recommended by our customers and field testers to make your birding adventures, whether near or far, more enjoyable. We have expanded our gift section so you will find something for everyone on your gift list from age 3 to 93.
  • Birdnet [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    We now have in stock a wide range of outdoor Jackets, Fleeces, Overtrousers & breatheable shirts & lightweight Jackets from the Keela Range
  • Blacks [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    We live and breathe the outdoors, from simple walks and technical hikes, to arduous expeditions and intrepid exploration.
  • Campmor [US]

    Outdoor Clothing
    A whole range of clothing and other outdoor gear
  • Cotswold [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    Welcome to Cotswold Outdoor, part of the A.S.Adventure Group (Europe) and one of the leading outdoor retailers in the UK, with 13 ideal store locations, spanning the length and breadth of the county…
  • Country Innovation [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    Specialist in clothing and equipment for the birding community
  • Craghoppers [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    Serious adventure travel has meant thinking innovatively - designing product that is durable, comfortable, lightweight,fast drying and good looking…
  • Field & Trek [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    We generally concentrate on discounted products...
  • FroggToggs [US]

    Outdoor Clothing
    Outer wear
  • Greenman Bushcraft [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    Today Greenman Bushcraft are an award-winning outdoor shop, stocking almost 40,000 products as well as providing a popular online blog offering advice for all things bushcraft.
  • Hawkshead [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    This UK company specialises in mail order outdoor wear
  • MacPac [NZ]

    Outdoor Clothing
    NZ Supplier of outdoor gear
  • Marmot [US]

    Outdoor Clothing
    Ski-wear specialists but some good generalist stuff too
  • Montbell [US]

    Outdoor Clothing
    Lightweight gear
  • Paramo [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    Welcome to P
  • Patagonia [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    We prefer the human scale to the corporate, vagabonding to tourism, the quirky and lively to the toned down and flattened out. We used to call our own world of alpinists and surfers a dirtbag culture: of temp jobs and long summers; of foraged meals and tribal travel that followed the seasons, from summer climbs in Yosemite to Baja's winter surfbreaks to spring kayaking. And if many of us now work more than we climb, and care more for our families than for bumming about, we still sound our appeal to the dirtbag within, the need for the wild dirtbag spirit to survive in our e'd-out culture.
  • Protec [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    Outdoor Clothing, Weather Protection & Waterproof Clothing
  • Rail Riders [US]

    Outdoor Clothing
    Welcome to RailRiders and the world of adventuring. I often get asked this question: What is the origin of the name RailRiders? Surprisingly enough, RailRiders was not conceived in a Union Pacific freight car rattling across the country, but at sea in the prestigious Edgartown-Round-the-Island yacht race, off Martha's Vineyard
  • Ray Mears [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    Bird watching and photography are also closely related when it comes to the clothing and equipment required
  • Rohan [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    Rohan is the original travel clothing company. Since the 1970s our clothing has been worn literally everywhere, fraternising in Indian Trains, birding on the Norfolk coast, grafting in the Antarctic (and the Arctic), behind the lens on safari, on business on Vancouver, labouring in Yorkshire cowsheds, stripping under the car and drifting in the Amazon
  • Scarpa [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    A specialist footwear company based in the NE of England
  • SealSkinz [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    Welcome to SealSkinz - our range of waterproof, breathable socks and gloves offers you the most advanced technology for protecting your hands and feet from the elements. I am still using sdome of their gloves - excellent Fatbirder
  • Stewardsons [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    Waterproof breathable jackets, fleece jackets, trousers, rucksacks, walking boots, sleeping bags, camping gear…
  • Surfdome [UK]

    Outdoor Clothing
    The elements can be unforgiving and unpredictable but our outdoor wear and equipment collection means that you'll never be unprepared. Selected only from the industry's leading brands, this range covers you for all seasons and against every great outdoor scenario...
  • Tilley Endurables International [US]

    Outdoor Clothing
    Not just the famous hats but other outdoor wear too…
  • Webtogs

    Outdoor Clothing
    Welcome to Webtogs, a multi award-winning e-commerce outdoor retailer specialising in handpicking the finest range of outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment for our customers from across more than 50 industry leading brands. We're constantly sourcing premium new brands and collections, to bring you the latest in outdoor product innovation, whether it's coming from a big high street name or a small independent!
  • Wellies Ltd

    Wellington Boots
    Wellies.com is owned & operated by Wellies Limited. We travel to events around the UK with our award winning stand and offer expert advice and fitting with a smile.

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