Birds on Stamps

Detail from 'Birds in Winter' by Jeremy Paul issued by Isle of Man Website

Many stamp collectors have thematic collections, some birders collect stamps; there are, therefore, a number of websites devoted to Bird Stamps.

Not all of the sites below are exclusively about bird stamps… some are commercial sites selling stamps, but all have something on them for Bird stamp Collectors.

I guess, if you are going to be a complete anorak, you should combine two really sad hobbies such as birding and stamp collecting. The Fatbirder admits to still having a stamp collection accumulated in his youth.

Forums & Mailing Lists
  • Bird Stamp E-Mail Group

    Mailing List
    Keith Bowden has set up an email group to try to get some correspondence going to exchange stamps and other material
Other Links
  • A Field Guide to the Birds on Banknotes

    OK - so its not stamps but banknotes depicting birds - close enough for me!
  • Biophilately

    The Biology Unit was organized in May 1951 and is the largest group - to our knowledge - dedicated to the international cooperative study of biological postage stamps and related material. It is a nonprofit organization and dues are based on cost of operations, chiefly the production and mailing of Biophilately
  • Bird Stamp Society

    The Bird Stamp Society was formed in 1986 to cater for the large number of collectors who specialise in bird stamps and relevant material. The Society`s focal point is the quarterly house journal Flight, which runs to some 50-60 A4 pages. It carries a variety of features, some regular and some special to the issue. An important regular feature is listing - and attempting identification - of all birds on stamps discovered in the previous quarter.
  • Birds of Europe

  • Birds on Stamps

    I`ve been collecting bird stamps since about 1970. I collect only those stamps that show birds found in the country of issue. My collection is arranged by species, following the order used in A Complete Checklist of Birds of the World by Richard Howard and Alick Moore (1st edition, Oxford University Press, 1980). Before that book was issued, I followed the part work series called Birds of the World edited by John Gooders and published in the 1970s by IPC. I place a distribution map centrally on each page, and arrange the stamps around it, linking each to its country. I restrict my collection to only one example of each species from a country except for endemics. For these I collect whatever comes my way.
  • Duck Stamps

    Your duck stamp connection. Self-Adhesive Federal Duck Stamps online - Federal Duck Stamp Consignment Program.
  • Israeli Birds on Stamps

  • Mike Duggan's Owl Stamps

    My interest is collecting owls on stamps. I particularly want information about any stamp, or philatelic material, depicting an owl which is not shown on these pages.
  • National Birds of the World

  • Parrots on Stamps

    Rather attractive French site.
  • Silver Dalen

    Birds on stamps.
  • Southern African birds on stamps

    This site specializes in stamps featuring Southern African Birds, more particularly those birds that appear in "Roberts Birds of Southern Africa". Nearly 7 000 stamps have been issued with Southern African birds on them. The majority of these stamps are detailed here, together with numerous stamps from African countries featuring non Southern African birds
  • Theme Birds on Stamps

    Welcome to my website. Collecting birds on stamps has for many years been an aspect of my interest in birds and birding. When my skill with computer databases reached a high enough level, it was a natural thing to make a computerised wants list. I didn`t manage to stop before all the bird stamps in the world had been put into my database. As a result, I have now such a great amount of information in my database that I thought maybe others would like to have a look.
Photographers & Artists
  • Artist - Jeremy Paul

    The Isle of Man produces it

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