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Bird feed suppliers seem to have grown exponentially in the two decades that Fatbirder has been on line. More retailers and on-line sellers makes for more variety, more competitive prices and a growing awareness of conservation all of which has to be good news.

There is still a range of quality of course, but even our  supermarkets and pet-food chain stores seem to be offering purpose produced feed rather than by-products and food not considered fit for humans as was the case in the bad old days.

It is easier to target certain species of garden bird now instead of having to accept the multi-purpose offerings of the past. What is more, you can experiment yourselves as many on-line sources offer to mix feed to your specification as well as sell all sorts of individual grains and a wide variety of suet based offerings.

I have generally found that mixed seed is less attractive than feeders filled with a single seed such as sunflower hearts or nyjer. Currently, our most popular offering is suet pellets. Nearly all species seem to favour this above any other offering, probably because it is such a high-energy food.

In the UK twenty million households feed their garden birds, which means two thirds of the population cares enough to spend their hard-earned cash on feathered visitors. Some still offer table scraps but most hang feeders as these bring in birds who pose nicely for the viewer.

Fatbirder advertises for a number of firms and runs trials of their offerings too. Our current supplier is ‘Love Garden Birds’ who sponsor this page. Over the coming months you will see front page reviews of the feed and feeders they supply.

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Useful Information
  • A quick guide to sensible bird-feeding

    Having wild creatures visit our homes is a privilege. We feed them for our own sake, not for theirs. To attract birds and other wild creatures to your garden, plant vegetation native to your area, and, if you want to offer birds additional food, here are some practical guidelines you should follow.
  • ABC

    Yes, it's OK to feed wild birds in your garden – as long as it's the right food. Many Australians feed wild birds in their gardens, yet the practice is discouraged by many bird groups and governments.
  • Attracting Particular Birds

    By means of such methods as feeding birds, providing nest boxes and gardening for birds, a wide range of species can be attracted. If it is desired to persuade particular types of birds to visit a garden, specific measures can be taken to cater for the ones concerned. Some of these ideas are mentioned here.
  • Bill Oddie's Bird Food Recipes

    More than half the adult population in the UK are putting out bird food in their gardens for wild birds. Feeding garden birds high-quality bird food helps nature conservation and it's very rewarding for we humans. It's the perfect way to get the kids or grandkids enthusiastic about wildlife. "When it comes to what food to choose,' says Bill Oddie 'birds benefit from better quality, just like we do.' And that's why all of Bill's high-quality foods are clean, fresh and safe for birds.
Other Links
  • Ark Wildlife Ltd. [UK]

    UK - Bird Food, Feeders, Wildlife Supplies
  • Birdola [USA]

    Makers of seedcakes etc
  • BrinVale Bird Foods [UK]

    Here at Brinvale Birds Foods we farm, manufacture and sell some of the highest quality wild bird food and bird seeds online. Because we manufacture we are able to offer a wide range of bird seed mixes, sunflower hearts, peanuts, and other wildlife food at a fair price all year round. We both have a keen interest in the welfare of wildlife and thoroughly enjoy attracting and watching the birds on our farm in the Vale of Belvoir Leicestershire.
  • British Bird Food [UK]

    British Bird Food is a family run company, in the wild bird seed and garden bird feeder market. Founded in 2008, Our aim is to provide an informative and reliable website, with excellent customer service, and products at great prices that exceed customer expectations, for example our seed mixes for wild birds are the best quality and price. We are developing exclusive wild bird foods and we always have suet products, straight seeds, seed mixes and feeders and expanding our range of wildlife products and bird food accessories according to our customer's needs and feedback.
  • CJ WildBird Foods [Irish Republic]

    CJ WildBird Foods have 20 years experience offering a wide range of high-quality products to help you attract, feed, identify and care for wild birds and other wildlife in your garden…
  • CJ Wildbird Food [UK]

    The CJ Wildlife range of bird foods have been created by our very own researchers and ornithologists using the highest quality ingredients available, so you can be sure you are doing the very best for your garden birds when you buy our food.
  • Chirpy Bird Foods [UK]

    We are all a little bit different, which means each one of us can work to our strengths within the business. One thing that does unite us is our desire to see Chirpy Bird Food grow as a sustainable business, maintaining the quality and products we have become known for. Our vision for the future includes conservation work in Co. Fermanagh, and in schools throughout the North and South of Ireland.
  • Country Corner

    Wild Bird Food & Treats
  • Farbrook Farm Wild Bird Food [UK]

    Facebook Page
    High-quality UK suppliers of bird seed and bird food. Buy Bird food, bird seed, fat balls, suet pellets, bird feeders and much more from Farbrook Farm!
  • Food 4 Wildbirds [UK]

    Food4wildbirds is an on-line retail business selling a comprehensive range of wild bird foods, seeds, nuts, suet treats & feeders. Order on line and have your goods delivered direct to your door. We pride ourselves on offering a fast, efficient and friendly service.
  • Garden Wildlife Direct [UK]

    The team here at Garden Wildlife Direct are dedicated to making caring for your garden wildlife an affordable interest. With a comprehensive selection of foods, feeders and habitats, you can start to look after a wide variety of the UK’s best loved creatures from the comfort of your own home, at a price that won’t put you out of pocket.
  • GardenBird [UK]

    Choose from our range of premium quality straight birdfood including peanuts (tested to ensure they are aflatoxin free) to sunflower seed hearts, niger seed and peanut granules. The latter are ideal for feeding to fledglings from seed feeders at this time of year.
  • Grubco [US]

    Live mealworms
  • Haiths [UK]

    We've been providing high-quality bird food for garden birds since 1937. Cheap wildlife food can be full of dust, debris and waste husk and is harmful to birds. Choose Haith's SuperClean bird food and you are guaranteed high-quality wildlife food that's nutritious and safe.
  • Happy Beaks [UK]

    The UK's cheapest wild bird feed, delivered free of charge next day*
  • Ivel Valley [UK]

    With so many bird food products out there and with such a difference in price what should you look for in a bird food supplier? Quality products are about proper nutritional ingredients.
  • Kennedy Wild Bird Foods [UK]

    Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Food you will discover only the finest wild bird foods and accessories, including a wide selection of top quality birdseed, sunflower hearts, peanuts, mealworms, seed feeders and much more...
  • Little Peckers [UK]

    Little Peckers offers a huge range of bird supplies for bird lovers around the UK. We have everything you might need in one place, including bird food, feeders, cages, bird baths and accessories.
  • Living With Birds (Jacobi Jayne) [UK]

    Don’t waste money on cheap birdseed that’s low in nutrition and often gets ignored by garden visitors. Our high-energy foods give wild birds and other wildlife the help they need, all year round. From seeds and blends to peanuts, suet and mealworms, we’ve got the best range of professional-quality foods you’ll find anywhere.
  • Love Garden Birds [UK]

    Welcome to Love Garden Birds, the online home for everyone who loves their garden birds and wants to enrich their lives. Here you’ll find advice for matching your feed to your garden’s birds, striking the right balance between your birds and the other local wildlife, and much more.
  • Nature's Way [USA]

    Here at Nature's Way, we provide you with the highest quality live food available on the market today. Not only will we provide the highest quality live food but also the best customer service in the market. We offer over 60 years experience from our specially trained staff for all of your live food needs…
  • Peckamix Bird Food [UK]

    Here at Peckamix we are passionate about great quality bird food. Whether you are looking for excellent seed mixes to bring wild birds flocking to your garden, high quality straight foods, or fantastic bird feeders and accessories, we are confident you will not be disappointed with our range of products!
  • Peckish (Westland) [UK]

    Bringing more birds, more colour and more bird song into the garden is the Peckish promise. Peckish not only provide quality food for garden birds but also enhance the enjoyment of feeding them; whether you’re a first time bird feeder or have been taking part in this popular hobby for many years.
  • Pets at Home [UK]

  • RSPB Shop [UK]

    Choose from our range of high-quality and nutritious bird foods - from seed mixes, sunflower seeds, nyjer seeds, toxin-free peanuts, high-energy suet balls and bird cakes for wild birds to protein-rich live food for hungry mouths.
  • Really Wild Birdfood Co. (Street End Farm) [UK]

    If you’re looking for top-quality home grown bird seed, we at Really Wild Bird Food have everything you need to keep your local wildlife happy and healthy. Here on our family farm in Hampshire, we produce a vast selection of bird seed and cereal crops, all of which are carefully managed to achieve the highest possible standard.
  • Soar Mill Seeds [UK]

    Here at our family-run Country Mill, now based in Lancashire, we source our seeds sustainably, and where possible locally, to ensure your Wild Birds and Wildlife get the best available diet.
  • Song Bird Garden [US]

    Bird feed etc
  • Twootz [UK]

    Website is your online provider of quality and low-priced bird food, bird seed and wild bird food supplies, as well as a variety of bird feeders. We are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and we service the entire UK…
  • UK Bird Seed [UK]

    As specialists in high quality wild bird food we can offer you a broad range of seed mixes which cater to an wide variety of UK bird species. Our wild bird seed is an essential source of nutrition and sustenance providing energy to birds throughout the year.
  • Vine House Farm [UK]

    Vine House Farm Bird Foods provides seed and mixes specifically for wild birds, at reasonable prices, on their conservation award winning farm in Lincolnshire. To contact us: Phone: (01775) 630208 Email: Vine House Farm, Deeping St Nicholas, Spalding, Lincs, PE11 3DG.
  • Wiggly Wigglers [UK]

    We’re here to enhance your time at home and in the garden by delivering a little bit of country living to wherever you live.
  • Wild Bird Food Shop Northern Ireland

    Welcome to the online Home of Wild Bird Food Shop Northern Ireland. We are part of Temple Garden and Farm Shop, at the Temple crossroads,Between Lisburn to Saintfield and Carryduff to Ballynahinch,just 10 mins from Belfast.
  • Wild Delight [US]

    The Best Gardens Deserve The Best Birds - Wild Delight® produces more of what birds crave, because you and your birds deserve the best! All Wild Delight® products contain only the finest ingredients you can feed your outdoor pets.
  • [World]

    Facebook Page does one thing extremely well - we direct mail the highest quality wild bird seed throughout the United States. Since 1999, birding enthusiasts have enjoyed the convenience of quality seed delivered right to their doorstep…

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