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Apodidae – Swifts

Common Swift – Apus apus Named as Hirundo Apus by Linnaeus in 1758, Common Swift has two subspecies: A. a. apus (W...

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Gruidae – Cranes

The Gruidae or cranes are a family of large, long-legged and long-necked birds in the group Gruiformes. There are fifteen species of...

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Upupidae – Hoopoes

The Upupidae are a small family of near passerine birds. They are medium-sized birds, 25cm to 32cm long, with a 44cm to...

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Rheidae – Rheas

The Rheas are large (the Greater Rhea is the largest bird in South America weighing c. 25kg and standing up to 1.8m...

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Pandionidae – Ospreys

The Pandionidae or Osprey family has recently been revised and the former lone species split into two species which are virtually identical...

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