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Grey Herons are superb anglers… ©Kenneth Allen - Creative Commons Website
Some Birds Are The Best Anglers!

Some anglers hate birds and birders believing that they compete for fish – such as inland cormorants on coarse fisheries, ospreys on Scottish fish farms and stocked reservoirs, and mergansers on salmon rivers.

Some birders hate anglers, believing that they are all irresponsible people who leave hooks, line and lead for swans and other water fowl to become poisoned by or entangled in, and that their ‘sport’ disturbs water birds.

Nevertheless, in many places they co-exist in harmony and even are embodied within individuals. Some people graduate from one pastime to the other. In my case I was an angler as a boy and when a kingfisher landed on my fishing rod tip I was instantly converted into a birder. I never gave up angling, just let it fall away over the years, and spent many happy hours fishing by tranquil waters entertained all the while by spotted flycatchers or watched reed warblers weave their nests.

Quiet anglers are often fascinated observers of nature. This page is for links to sites of interest to both groups – may they appreciate each other’s worlds and respect the needs of all creatures.

Other Links
  • Anglers Paradise - Devon

    Anglers Paradise is ideally located for touring the whole of the West Country. Some of our guests even come, not for the fishing, but just for peace and quiet and the glorious countryside. There is now a cycle path from Anglers Eldorado to Holsworthy along a disused railway track. Dartmoor is close by and a walk on the moor followed by a cream tea in one of the beautiful villages is a must. The magnificence and beauty of Dartmoor has to be seen to be believed. I saw Kingfishers, nuthatches, willow tit, Sparrowhawk, heron etc. But much more could be done to enhance the site for wildlife
  • Kingslake Fishing Holidays - Devon

    You will have no difficulty reaching Kingslakes lakes and once there, you will never want to leave. You will be surrounded by the beauty of nature and will soon be captivated by Kingslakes charm. There is also an abundance of wildlife to be seen around the grounds of kingslake. Below is a list of the abundance of wildlife and birds which have been observed at Kingslake
  • New Barn Farm Cottages & Angling Centre

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    We support the angling/bird tie up as we have many anglers who fish our fishery who are avid bird watchers and in fact do not normally bother whether they catch any fish or not - as long as they can enjoy the countryside wildlife etc.

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