Malaconotidae – Bushshrikes, Tchagras, Puffbacks & Boubous

Bokmakierie Telophorus zeylonus ©Trevor Hardaker Website

According to most authorities, there are 48 species in this family, which are:

Fiery-breasted Bushshrike Malaconotus cruentus

Monteiro’s Bushshrike Malaconotus monteiri

Grey-headed Bushshrike Malaconotus blanchoti

Lagden’s Bushshrike Malaconotus lagdeni

Green-breasted Bushshrike Malaconotus gladiator

Uluguru Bushshrike Malaconotus alius

Mount Kupe Bushshrike Chlorophoneus kupeensis

Many-colored Bushshrike Chlorophoneus multicolor

Black-fronted Bushshrike Chlorophoneus nigrifrons

Olive Bushshrike Chlorophoneus olivaceus

Bocage’s Bushshrike Chlorophoneus bocagei

Orange-breasted Bushshrike Chlorophoneus sulfureopectus

Gorgeous Bushshrike Chlorophoneus viridis

Four-colored Bushshrike Chlorophoneus quadricolor

Doherty’s Bushshrike Chlorophoneus dohertyi

Bokmakierie Telophorus zeylonus

Rosy-patched Bushshrike Rhodophoneus cruentus

Marsh Tchagra Bocagia minuta

Brown-crowned Tchagra Tchagra australis

Three-streaked Tchagra Tchagra jamesi

Southern Tchagra Tchagra tchagra

Black-crowned Tchagra Tchagra senegalus

Sabine’s Puffback Dryoscopus sabini

Pink-footed Puffback Dryoscopus angolensis

Red-eyed Puffback Dryoscopus senegalensis

Black-backed Puffback Dryoscopus cubla

Northern Puffback Dryoscopus gambensis

Pringle’s Puffback Dryoscopus pringlii

Lowland Sooty Boubou Laniarius leucorhynchus

Mountain Sooty Boubou Laniarius poensis

Fülleborn’s Boubou Laniarius fuelleborni

Slate-colored Boubou Laniarius funebris

Lühder’s Bushshrike Laniarius luehderi

Braun’s Bushshrike Laniarius brauni

Gabela Bushshrike Laniarius amboimensis

Red-naped Bushshrike Laniarius ruficeps

Tropical Boubou Laniarius aethiopicus

Somali Boubou Laniarius erlangeri

Zanzibar Boubou Laniarius sublacteus

Southern Boubou Laniarius ferrugineus

Swamp Boubou Laniarius bicolor

Turati’s Boubou Laniarius turatii

Yellow-crowned Gonolek Laniarius barbarus

Papyrus Gonolek Laniarius mufumbiri

Black-headed Gonolek Laniarius erythrogaster

Crimson-breasted Shrike Laniarius atrococcineus

Yellow-breasted Boubou Laniarius atroflavus

Brubru Nilaus afer

Species Links
  • Crimson-breasted Shrike Laniarius atrococcineus

    The crimson-breasted shrike (Laniarius atrococcineus) or the crimson-breasted gonolek, ('gonolek' - supposedly imitative of its call), is a southern African bird. The species is closely related to two other bushshrikes, the yellow-crowned gonolek (Laniarius barbarus) and the black-headed gonolek (Laniarius erythrogaster) of East Africa.
  • Crimson-breasted Shrike Laniarius atrococcineus

    Species accouint
  • Crimson-breasted Shrike Laniarius atrococcineus

    Species account
  • Grey-headed Bush-shrike Malaconotus blanchoti

    Widespread but uncommon in bushed and wooded country in southern central and western Kenya up to 1600m. In parts of western Kenya the range extends to 3000m. Largely absent from the dry North and East…
  • Rosy-patched Bush-shrike Rhodophoneus cruentus

    The Bush-shrikes include a number of very attractive species with distinctive colouration. This is definitely true of the Rosy-patched Bush-shrike which cannot be confused with anything else (which makes it a favourite of ours!)…
Number of Species
  • Number of bird species: 48

Useful Reading
  • Shrikes and Bush-shrikes

    Including Wood-shrikes, Helmet-shrikes, Shrike Flycatchers, Philentomas, Batises and Wattle-eyes | By Tony Harris & Kim Franklin | Bloomsbury | 2000 ISBN: 0713638613 Buy this book from

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