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Some of you have huge ‘backyards’ with trees and grass, ponds and streams, others (like me), just have a few square feet of paving or an urban balcony; but we can all do something to help birds out by feeding them and providing nest-boxes and habitat. Even my 30feet-by-30feet urban ‘postage stamp’ has room for pots with native plants bearing berries and an old shed I can nail a bird box to. I have half a dozen feeders with food for many different species. In the UK at least, our gardens are an increasingly important resource to birds in the days of chemical farming and over urbanisation.

Ambitious birding gardeners might also want to share their good luck or good planning by installing a webcam pointed at their busy bird table or even inside a nestbox. There are times for all of us when we can’t get out into the field to indulge in our hobby, but if we can see out of a window on to a patch of our own we need never suffer withdrawal symptoms! I recently received a letter from a disabled birder living in a flat in a town in Scotland. Despite her disability confining her sh will manages to watch birds although having no garden she attracts birds with a window feeder.


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Birding Aps
  • DIY Bird Feeders

    | Cool App Zone | Needs Android 2.1 or above |

    This app gives you the latest bird feeder news, DIY tips, plans, videos and more from your favourite handcrafting publications.
Useful Information
  • 99 Birdhouses

    Hi, my name is Marcus and I thought I would share my birdhouse building and bird watching adventures with you. I enjoy building birdhouses, bird feeders, and bird watching in my spare time.
  • Bird Feeder Hygiene

    Article (RSPB)
    Taking care of your feeders, bird table and birdbath will reduce the chances of spreading diseases. Read more at
  • BirdFeeder Tips

    Hummingbirds always seem to hold a special fascination. There aren't many people who wouldn't love to observe Hummingbirds as they flit between the various flowers in their garden.
  • Garden Bird Feeder

    A website dedicated to helping people feed and attract birds to their garden.
  • Home Made Bird Feeders

    Winter is a tough season for wild birds. Natural food sources such as insects and berries are scarce, and they need lots of energy-rich food to maintain their fat reserves, which are called-upon most when temperatures drop. Providing a winter food source for birds is not only a great way to help your local wildlife; encouraging birds to visit your garden will supply you with plenty of interest during the winter months.
Other Links
  • A Birds Home

    Bird Supplies
    Our Commitment: We are a family-owned and operated business that developed out of a love of wildlife and our natural environment. With habitat encroachment as a cruel reality of our ever-changing world, providing nesting sites and feeders for a variety of birds and other flying animals can contribute to the security and protection of many species
  • Backyard Chirper

    Bird Supplies
    Backyard Chirper is an online retailer offering one of the largest selections of bird feeder and bird house products on the web. Whether you
  • Bird Barn

    Bird Supplies
    We specialise in the sale of high quality wooden bird houses and bird nest boxes, with a few extra items available for the wild birds in your garden. Taking strongly into consideration bird health and wellfair, we provide you an impressive range of bird houses, bird tables, nest boxes, and bird feeders, baths and bird sets with bird safety in mind
  • Bird Feeder Hub

    Our website is about backyard birding, feeding wild birds, and guides and info about birds.
  • Bird Quest

    Bird Supplies
    Bird Quest patented Spiral Bird Feeders have been setting a standard of excellence and performance in tube feeders for nearly 20 years.
  • Birding Depot

    Bird Supplies
    Whether you're watching birds in your yard or planning a bird watching vacation, Birding Depot has everything you need to attract and view wild birds. We carry a large variety of bird feeders, houses, and baths for backyard birders. In addition, we have an extensive line of optics, binoculars, and field guides for bird identification. Biriding Depot is family run business located in California

    Bird Tables
    Whether you buy one of our bird tables or not, please don't forget to put food out for birds around your home. Because we feed our garden birds in this country, the populations have increased, so if we stop feeding them for whatever reason, they may go hungry and not thrive.
  • Birdwatcher Supply Co

    Bird Supplies
    Bird Watcher Supply Company is a unique wild bird and gift store that has everything! We stock a wide variety of seed, feeders, and bird houses, as well as decor for the garden and home, fantastic gifts, and even jewelry and fashion! With so much to choose from, we believe you'll see our store as a one stop shop.
  • Dazer

    Cat Scarers
    Hand-held ultrasonic aid to dog deterrence. Easy and quick to operate. Compact, lightweight plastic unit. Handy clip for belt. Works up to 5 metres (15ft). Helps protect your own dog. Completely harmless to animals.
  • Dr. JB's Hummingbird Products

    Hummingbird Feeders
    The Dr. JB's 16 oz. Clean Feeder is the problem-solver of hummingbird feeders.
  • Etnobird

    Etnobird is a nicely designed wild bird feeder that takes photos of birds, counts and feeds them. All feeder activity is instantly viewable in Android and iOS mobile apps, where You can share photos with friends and identify bird species visiting the feeder.
  • Garden Bird

    Bird Supplies
    Food, feeders etc
  • Garden Bird Feeders (UK)

    Bird Supplies
    Established in 2009, we are a family run business which has previously been supplying our local community with high quality wildlife products for the past 14 years. With a loyal customer base and excellent praise for quality of service we decided that for our 10th anniversary we would expand our reaches and supply nationally.
  • Garden Nature

    Bird Supplies
    Gardenature is Europes No 1 manufacturer and supplier of high quality products designed specifically for watching all forms of wildlife, whether it is in the domestic garden, out in the wild, or any other natural habitat. ..
  • Havahart

    Pest Traps
    Safe Release Cage Traps - Is something digging in your garden? Are you hearing animal noises in your attic? If you have a problem with nuisance critters but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered! Tell us about your animal problems and we will help you identify the culprits and provide the perfect trap and repellent solution to get rid of your pest!
  • HummZinger

    Aspects proudly manufactures products in the USA. We appreciate the loyalty our customers have shown to us over the years and we in turn strive to continue to offer quality,
  • Hummingbird House

    Bird Gifts
    Your loved ones will enjoy watching mama hummers build nests, have babies and return year after year, bringing with them their young who are now adults.
  • Owl Barn

    Birders Gifts
    Welcome to The Owl Barn Catalogue, a treasure trove of gifts and collectibles for those who love nature in general
  • Perky-Pet

    Bird Supplies
    Bird feeders attract colorful songbirds, orioles and hummingbirds from all around to your backyard. By offering a variety of feeder types with seed and nectar, you are sure to bring in beauties of all kinds! Perky-Pet® offers a large selection of high-quality tube bird feeders, squirrel resistant bird feeders, decorative bird feeders, and so much more. With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find the best bird feeder for you!
  • Riverside Woodcraft

    Bird Supplies
    Manufacturer of Bird Table Products and Wildlife supplies. Riverside Woodcraft is a family run Garden, Bird, and Wildlife company operating from our premises in Tamworth, Staffordshire. We manufacture quality wooden garden products from our own workshop and to our own designs. We distribute our exclusive range of Bird Tables, Nest Boxes, Hedgehog Houses and other similar items to trade and public.
  • Roller Feeder

    Literally, a squirrel proof bird feeder revolution since 1998.
  • Songbird Garden

    Bird Supplies is a premier internet source for quality wild bird care, home and garden accents, and unique gifts inspired by nature. We specialize in delivering an excellent selection of products for the backyard birdwatcher
  • The Bird Shed

    Bird Supplies
    Everything from optics and fieldguides to bird feeders and birdhouses.
  • The Birdhouse Chick

    Bird Supplies
    Unique bird houses, wild bird feeders, hummingbird feeders at, awaits a fabulous array of hand made, unique bird houses and wild bird feeders you won't find on other sites!
  • Wholesale Bird Feeders

    Bird Supplies
    wholesale prices for bird feeders, seeds, food and supplies.
  • Wild Bird Habitat Store

    Bird Supplies
    The Wild Bird Habitat Store opened its doors on October 1st, 1993 in Lincoln, Nebraska by Dave Titterington
  • Wild Bird Habitat Stores

    Bird Supplies
    Wild Bird Habitat Stores Alamo Center / 56th & Hwy 2 Lincoln, NE 68516 (402) 420-2553
  • Wild Bird Store on Line

    Bird Supplies
    Store for feeders, birdhouses, feed and everything associated with birding…
  • Window Bird Feeder

    Charming video
  • Yard Envy

    Bird Supplies
    Bird feeders permit birding enthusiasts and gardeners to fully indulge themselves in their love of bird watching. A bird feeder allows birds to eat necessary nutrients, while staying within view. While the number of bird feeders available can be overwhelming, Yard Envy is here to help guide you through the decision process
  • Brinvale Bird Foods

    Finding the Right Bird Feeder For You
  • Garden Bird Feeders BLOG

    Feeding birds in winter. What, and how, to feed garden birds during the cold winter months...
  • Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food

    Use a low level feeder, preferably with plenty of drainage. Only scatter bird food straight on the ground if you’re confident that it will be eaten quickly or if you are prepared to pick it back up if it doesn’t get eaten in a day or...
  • Vine House Farm

    Our help and advice pages cover every possible subject related to feeding garden birds, from what foods to use, how to feed them, how to attract different species, risks from predators and what you can do to minimise these risks, how to keep squirrels off your feeders, and, very importantly, how you can ensure you keep feeders and feeding areas clean and hygienic and therefore help ensure the health of your garden birds. We think we've covered every subject, but if there's a question you have then please don't hesitate to contact us
  • Wild Bird Scoop

    Wild Bird Scoop Blog takes you away to the intriguing world of bird watching through bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths and so much more, in your backyard habitat. You will find lots of interesting info about this great hobby.
  • Wild Birds Unlimited

    BirdTracks BLOG
  • Woodland Trust


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