Mohoidae – O’os

Bishop's O'o Moho bishopi

Following DNA sequencing it has been revealed that species of Moho are related to waxwings (Bombycillidae), not to honeyeaters (Meliphagidae), consequently a new family, Mohoidae, has been delineated with just two species:

Kioea Chaetoptila angustipluma Extinct

Kauai O’o Moho braccatus Extinct
Oahu Oo Moho apicalis Extinct
Bishop’s O’o Moho bishopi Probably Extinct
Hawaii Oo Moho nobilis Extinct

Bishop’s O’o is endemic to the islands of Molokai and Maui and was thought to be extinct until an unconfirmed sighting on Haleakala was reported in 1981. Until confirmation [or otherwise] of the sighting can be made, the species is kept on this list.


Number of Species
  • Number of bird species: 0

    (Between none and one - most are definitely now extinct and the other probably is)

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