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Birding Durango

The “estado” of Durango is bordered to the north by Chihuahua, to the north-east by Coahuila, to the south-east by Zacatecas, to the south-west by Nayarit, and to the west by Sinaloa. Most of the state is heavily mountainous and a good part forested, the Sierra Madre Occidental occupies the western and central part of the state. This mountain range contains a good supply of minerals, including the silver that encouraged Spanish occupation of the territory after it was discovered. These mines extend north into Chihuahua and south into the state of Zacatecas. Vast desert basins in the Laguna District are irrigated by the Nazas River.Major crops grown in the area include cotton, wheat, corn, alfalfa, marijuana, beans, sorghum, and other vegetables.Durango is famous for its scorpions. Mexicans generally refer to the people of Durango as Alacrán de Durango (A scorpion from Durango). The demonym for the natives of Durango is Duranguenses.The major occupations in Durango are farming, lumbering and ranching.

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  • Zona del silencio

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    Zona del silencio is located in Durango and Coahuila in the north of Mexico and is a dessert ecosystem.

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  • BR Mapimí

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    They are recognized around 270 species of vertebrates, among them five amphibians, 36 reptiles, 28 mammals and approximately 200 birds (Aguirre and Maury, 1989). This protected natural area preserves typical fauna of the semi-arid regions of the Mexican Plateau, including species of birds threatened like aguililla red tail (Buteo jamaicensis, aguililla rojinegra (Parabuteo unicinctus); the pale hawk (Falco mexicanus); lechuza of madriguera (cunicularia Athene) and the real eagle (Aquila chrysaetos).
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  • 2004 [05 May] - Phil & Charlotte Benstead

    We spent the period between 20th April and 7h May 2004 birding in Northern Mexico. We flew with Continental from London (via Houston, where we had to overnight on the way out) to Mazatlan. This is an unusual destination but necessary as we had to stay out of potential malarial areas for the duration of the trip. If your wife or partner is pregnant then this trip is tailor-made! We hired an expensive car through Alamo for the duration (>£700!). Driving is easy enough in Mexico although the mountainous stretches of the Durango Highway offers plenty of opportunity for mayhem and should be driven with extreme caution. As usual we got lost a lot in towns so take a compass. Check out Durango for the freakiest city highway system in the world…

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