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Every self-respecting birder should be a member of at least two organisations ensuring that her or his contribution is doing something to promote birding, and, more importantly, the welfare of birds.

Firstly we must all support our national bird conservation organisation such as, in the UK, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The RSPB is the largest conservation organisation in Europe and not only preserves rich or scare bird habitats the length and breadth of the UK but it also keeps the welfare of birds on the political agenda and in the public eye. Love it or loathe it there is no doubt that we all owe the RSPB a great debt.

Secondly we should belong to our local county bird club or state chapter. Your local club can help keep you informed about what is happening in your own backyard and it is a great place to meet neighbours with the same interests as your self. Moreover, it is likely to have reserves of its own, and to organise outings and meetings. As for the birds you can usually help them through your local club whether it be offering your free time to help maintain reserves or just by recording what you see in the county. Local clubs are the bedrock of conservation and patch-work.

Those of you with a slightly deeper interest will find that there is a huge

amount of information available and joining an ornithological union will

give you access to many thousands of scientific papers over many years of

studyIn the UK the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) works with 35,000

volunteer birders to monitor how our wild birds are doing. You can

contribute to their work by participating in one of their surveys or by

supporting them through membership. BTO surveys inform policy makers and

conservation organisations by providing unbiased scientific research into

bird populations. Most of the surveys are free to participate in and every

birder can and should contribute their records to these surveys to ensure we

have a clear picture of the state of our wild bird populations.

A few pounds or dollars thus spent by every birder would ensure the future of wild birds throughout the world.

Other Links
  • A Rocha

    A Rocha is an international conservation organisation working to show God`s love for all creation. Our work has five distinctive characteristics: Christian: we are motivated by our biblical faith, particularly in God the Creator. Conservation: we focus on scientific studies of important habitats and species. Community: we bring people together for environmental education and action, with special emphasis on students and school children. Cross-cultural: we involve staff and volunteers internationally and give priority to parts of the world where resources for conservation and Christian witness are limited. Campaigning: we work with local and international agencies for the protection of key areas and environments.
  • African Bird Club

    ABC recently launched a new service to help members with information requests. Perhaps you are planning a trip to Africa and need local advice, or maybe you are in search of an obscure fact about an African species. We cannot guarantee to have all of the answers, but we will try to help. The service is provided free to ABC Members. If you need information, then contact Keith Betton, who is also the custodian of ABCs journal library.
  • American Birding Association

    The American Birding Association inspires all people to enjoy and protect wild birds. The American Birding Association represents the North American birding community and supports birders through publications, conferences, workshops, tours, partnerships, and networks
  • American Ornithologists' Union

    Founded in 1883, the American Ornithologists' Union is the oldest and largest organization in the New World devoted to the scientific study of birds. Although the AOU primarily is a professional organization, its membership of about 4,000 includes many amateurs dedicated to the advancement of ornithological science
  • Army Ornithological Society

    The Army Ornithological Society is open to all serving and retired members of the Army including TA and Commonwealth forces plus MOD Civil Servants or Civil Servants who have served with the army anywhere in the world and their spouses. Others with close connections to the Army may also be eligible at the discretion of the AOS Committee. Members of the RNBWS and RAFOS are also welcome to join AOS expeditions.
  • Association of Field Ornithologists (AFO)

    The Association of Field Ornithologists (AFO) is one of the world's major societies of professional and amateur ornithologists dedicated to the scientific study and dissemination of information about birds in their natural habitats. Founded in 1922 as the New England Bird Banding Association, AFO shortly thereafter became the Northeastern Bird-Banding Association. This origin promoted an emphasis on bird banding and field techniques, always with field studies as a focus. Field studies continue to be a focus and, with the new techniques in molecular ecology, bioacoustics technology, and behavioral ecology now available, field studies of birds are approaching ever new questions. AFO encourages the participation of amateurs in research, and emphasizes the conservation biology of birds
  • Audubon

    Audubon's mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity. Our national network of community-based nature centers and chapters, scientific and educational programs, and advocacy on behalf of areas sustaining important bird populations, engage millions of people of all ages and backgrounds in positive conservation experiences
  • Barn Owl Trust

    Our free national (and now international) information and advice service is available to anyone who needs help or advice on encouraging wild Barn Owls, creating habitat, putting up nest boxes, etc. We have a set of 30 information leaflets covering most of the main Barn Owl questions. We have published the definitive guide for planners and developers.
  • Bird Observation & Conservation Australia

    Bird Observation & Conservation Australia (BOCA) is a major birding organisation including 44 Branches and Affiliates with members all over Australia…
  • Bird On

    Thank you for visiting Bird On! - the Internet wild bird pages. Birdwatchers in the UK and USA have come together to provide current and fascinating information for everyone who is aware of the wild birds around them. Bird On! is published by Jacobi Jayne & Company, the World's Birdfeeders
  • BirdLife International

    BirdLife is a global Partnership of conservation organisations with a focus on birds that works together on shared priorities, policies and programmes of conservation action, exchanging skills, achievements and information, growing in ability, authority and influence.
  • Birding For All (was Disabled Birders Association) International

    The Disabled Birders Association was founded on 1st April 2000 - an auspicious date, but one which should not be taken to mean that our purpose is in anyway frivolous. The DBA is an international movement to promote access to reserves and other birding places and to a range of services so that people with special needs can follow the birding obsession as freely as able-bodied people. We changed our name to Birding For All in 2010 to emphasise our inclusivity
  • Birding India

    With more than 1250 species of birds, India and South Asia are a paradise for bird watching. There are over 925 breeding species (~920 residents)
  • BirdingPal

    OK not exactly an organisation but a way to get help when visiting a new state or country.
  • Birdnet

    BIRDNET provides information for and about ornithology, the scientific study of birds. The site serves professional ornithologists and the general public. BIRDNET is provided by the Ornithological Council, a public information organization established and supported by eleven Western Hemisphere ornithological societies
  • Birds Australia

    We wish to halt the loss of our native birds. This requires that we protect what is left of our native vegetation and that wherever practicable we restore environmental health to our landscapes by repairing what has been degraded and replacing what has been lost…
  • British Birds Rarities Committee

    The BBRC is the official adjudicator of rare bird records in Britain. Its members are democratically elected by birders` representatives in each county and serve for a fixed term
  • British Ornithologists Union

    The British Ornithologists` Union aims to encourage the study of birds in Britain, Europe and throughout the world, in order to understand their biology and to aid their conservation.
  • British Trust for Ornithology

    The British Trust for Ornithology has existed since 1933 as an independent, scientific research trust, investigating the populations, movements and ecology of wild birds in the British Isles. Our speciality is the design and implementation of volunteer wild bird surveys. Our partnership between a large number of volunteers and a small scientific staff has proved to be a powerful, productive and cost-effective way of monitoring wild birds.
  • Canal & River Trust

    The Canal & River Trust is here so you have a place to escape. A place where you can step off the pavement, onto the towpath and breathe.
  • Cooper Ornithological Society

    Facebook Page
    The Cooper Ornithological Society, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of over 2,000 professional and amateur ornithologists, is one of the largest ornithological societies in the world. The society was organized in 1893 by a small group of individuals in California who were interested in the study of birds. The name of the society commemorates an early California naturalist, Dr. James G. Cooper…
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology

    The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a nonprofit membership institution dedicated to interpreting and conserving the earth`s biological diversity through research, education, and citizen science focused on birds. World renowned for their ornithological expertise, their programs include Bird Population Studies, Conservation, Citizen Science, Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds, and Bioacoustice Research Program. They are an independent administrative unit of Cornell University; primary support for the Lab comes from more than 26,000 members worldwide. They are pioneers in the research of whales, forest elephants, and of course, birds. They invite you to become a member.
  • European Ornithologists' Union

    The European Ornithologists' Union aims to encourage the study of birds in Europe and throughout the world, in order to understand their biology and to aid their conservation.
  • Friends of the Earth

    Wild Places under threat! Look up your local wildlife sites. See if they are threatened and what you can do to protect them.
  • Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

    We are a leading UK charity conducting conservation science to enhance the British countryside for public benefit. For over 80 years we have been researching and developing game and wildlife management techniques. We use our research to provide training and advice on how best to improve the biodiversity of the countryside
  • Gay Birders Club

    If you are gay or lesbian, if you enjoy birdwatching - or would like to, why not find out more about the Gay Birders Club by exploring our web site.
  • Greenpeace

    With 20 million people living in the region it is clear that to save the Amazon rainforest requires finding real economic alternatives and solutions to destructive logging as well as the other destructive activities like cattle ranching, mining, soya plantations and huge projects like dams.
  • Hawk & Owl Trust

    Welcome to The Hawk and Owl Trust Website. Owls, hawks, eagles, falcons - magnificent birds like these symbolise freedom and wild places. The Hawk and Owl Trust is dedicated to ensuring that birds of prey survive in the wild for future generations to enjoy. Founded in 1969 because of concerns about the alarming decline in numbers of peregrines and other raptors, today we work to conserve all wild birds of prey and their habitats in the face of mounting human pressures.
  • Hawk Conservancy

    Welcome to the Hawk Conservancy web site. We want your visit to this web site to be as enjoyable and instructive as is a visit to our premises to find out more about the important work being done here, and about the fascinating world of raptors - birds of prey. We welcome suggestions that may help us to achieve this aim. We feature a different bird of prey each week, generally changing on Friday or Saturday night. This feature appears as the Bird of the Week with RealAudio
  • Hawkwatch International

    Background to Hawkwatch and information about a number of their projects.
  • International Ornithological Committee

    The International Ornithological committee is a group of international ornithologists, about 200 in number, which is responsible for the International Ornithological Congress and other international ornithological activity such as those undertaken by its Standing Committees.
  • International Osprey Foundation

    The International Osprey Foundation is dedicated to the continuing recovery and preservation of the osprey, others in the raptor family, wildlife and the environment as a whole. The Foundation conducts monitoring activities, and accumulates data specific to the breeding activities of the osprey population. The data is made available through the Foundations newsletter publication and can be obtained by interested parties/organizations upon request
  • National Bird-Feeding Society

    US Organisation - We lead pell-mell lifestyles with such competition for our time that it`s easy for stress to take over. But watching the acrobatic antics of finches at your feeders provides a few moments of pure pleasure, guaranteed to refresh your day. I love the fun of bird feeding and want to find out more about attracting birds to my yard, wrote Anne Michaels from North Carolina. That`s what the National Bird-Feeding Society is about, helping people to further enjoy a hobby that is entertaining and educational.
  • Neotropical Bird Club

    Neotropical Bird Club, UK registered charity 1040130, has been established: to foster an interest in the birds of the Neotropics amongst birdwatchers throughout the world to increase awareness of the importance of support for conservation in the region to mobilise the increasing number of enthusiastic birdwatchers active in the region to contribute to the conservation of Neotropical birds to provide a forum for the publication of articles and notes about Neotropical birds, their identification and conservation, and thus enhance information exchange in this subject area to channel efforts towards priority species and sites, drawing attention to conservation needs to publicise the activities of local groups and individuals, and improve their liaison and collaboration with other birdwatchers.
  • Oriental Bird Club

    Oriental Bird Club is concerned with birds of the region spanning from: the Indus river, Pakistan in the west through India and south-east Asia to the Wallacea line, East Indonesia in the east, and from the Yangtze basin, China in the north to the Lesser Sundas and Christmas Island in the south. This vast area embraces tropical and temperate forests, outstanding wetlands and grasslands providing habitat for over 2000 bird species, many of them little known.
  • Ornithological Societies of North America

    The Ornithological Societies of North America was created to provide for efficient mailing of the jointly produced Ornithological Newsletter. Since then, OSNA has grown both in member societies as well as member services
  • Ornithological Society of the Middle East

    The Ornithological Society of the Middle East was formed in April 1978 as a successor to the Ornithological Society of Turkey. Its aims are as follows: To collect, collate and publish ornithological data on birds of the Middle East. To encourage an interest in and conservation of birds of the Middle East. To assist environmental and conservation organisations and natural history societies in and concerned with ornithological studies and activities in the Middle East.
  • Pacific Seabird Group

    The Pacific Seabird Group (PSG) is a society of professional seabird researchers and managers dedicated to the study and conservation of seabirds. PSG was formed in 1972 out of a need for increased communication among academic and government seabird researchers. The principle goals of PSG are (1) to increase the quality and quantity of seabird research through facilitating exchange of information and (2) to identify and assess the importance of threats to seabird populations and provide government agencies and others with expert advice on managing the threats and populations.
  • Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology

    The Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology (affectionately known as the Fitztitute) is located at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, where it is housed within the Zoology Department. Situated at the tip of Africa, the Fitztitute is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the vast untapped biological resources of the continent. Members of the department are committed to developing a greater understanding of these, through the training of scientists and the pursuit of primary research, from evolutionary ecology to conservation biology. The Institute is also home to the Niven Library, which holds what is probably Africa's most comprehensive Ornithology collection and reprints of the Institute's vast publication record
  • Proact

    Protest, Alert and Action Contact & Coordination for birders anywhere in the world - Submit your ideas, themes, problems or campaign. - A brilliant idea, at last a (virtual) place to get together and protest with some effect!
  • RSPB

    Welcome to the RSPB online. Have a look around the site to see why we are Europe`s largest wildlife conservation charity, supported by over 1,000,000 members, including over 150,000 under 18 years old.
  • Raptor Rescue (UK)

    Originally founded by a group of falconers in the North West of England, Raptor Rescue is a national charity with an established reputation in the worlds of wildlife rehabilitation and falconry. The organisation has a national network of rehabilitators and other experienced carers, who take on this time-consuming work, but a great deal of resources are still required to pay for housing, feeding, veterinary help and transportation.
  • Raptor Research Foundation (RRF)

    The Raptor Research Foundation (RRF) is a non-profit scientific society whose primary goal is the accumulation and dissemination of scientific information about raptors (hawks, eagles, falcons and owls). This information is used to inform the public (both scientific and lay) about the role of raptors in nature, and to promote the conservation of raptors whose populations are threatened by human activities
  • Rare Breeding Birds Panel

    The Rare Breeding Birds Panel was formed in 1972 by representatives of RSPB, British Birds, the British Trust for Ornithology and The Nature Conservancy Council. The present Panel is made up of representatives of the first three organisations plus the Joint Nature Conservation Committee. The Panel`s prime function is to act as a secure depository of sensitive information on the breeding of rare birds in Britain. As its database has grown, the information it contains has proved to be of considerable value to the three country conservation agencies and a confidential report is compiled for them each year, though omitting nest locations if requested by the observer.
  • Royal Air Force Ornithological Society

    Founded in 1965 for members of the Service interested in ornithology, RAFOS currently has approximately 220 members who are past and present members of the Armed Forces, MOD civilians/contract staff and their families.
  • Scottish Ornithologists Club

    Facebook: Twitter: Waterston House, Aberlady, East Lothian, EH32 0PY 01875 871 330 On the one hand a birdwatching club, on the other, a network of volunteers across Scotland gathering vital information about Scotland's wild birds. The SOC is Scotland's Bird Club with 15 branches around the country and a growing membership of over 3000. The Club brings together like-minded individuals with a passion for birds, nature and conservation. Visit the SOC website to learn more about the Club's work and to keep up to date with the latest news on birds and birdwatching in Scotland: publications, bird reports, recording, advice on recommended sites to birdwatch, information on funding opportunities and much more.
  • Sociedad de Ornitología Neotropical (SON)

    La Sociedad de Ornitología Neotropical (SON) es una organización dedicada a promover el estudio científico de las aves de la Región Neotropical y de sus habitat, tanto en sus áreas reproductivas como en sus áreas no reproductivas, y a compartir de la información científica…
  • Sociedad para el Estudio y Conservaci

    La Sociedad para el Estudio y Conservaci
  • Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds (SCSCB)

    The Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds (SCSCB) is a nonprofit membership organization working to conserve the birds of the Caribbean and their habitats through research, education, conservation action and capacity building. Founded in 1988, SCSCB is the largest single bird conservation organization in the Greater Caribbean region, including Bermuda, the Bahamas and all islands within the Caribbean basin
  • Society of Canadian Ornithologists - Societe des ornithologistes du Canada

    The SCO-SOC is an organization of Canada's ornithological community. We administer awards, produce two publications, and provide interconnection with other professional ornithological societies. We produce a tri-annual newsletter: Picoides
  • Waterbird Society

    The Waterbird Society is composed of biologists, researchers, conservationists, students, and others interested in the behavior, ecology, and conservation of waterbirds. The organization is administered by four officers and nine council members elected from the Society
  • Wildfowl & Wetland Trust

    In 1946, The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) was founded on the banks of the River Severn at Slimbridge in Gloucestershire by the painter and naturalist, the late Sir Peter Scott. His aim was to establish a centre for the scientific study, public display and conservation of the wildfowl of the world. In 1973, Peter Scott became the first person to be knighted for services to conservation. WWT`s mission - to save wetlands for wildlife and people - reflects the importance that is attached to bringing people and wetland wildlife together, for the benefit of both.
  • Wilson Ornithological Society

    The Wilson Ornithological Society, founded in 1888, is a world-wide organization of nearly 2500 people who share a curiosity about birds. Named in honor of Alexander Wilson, the Father of American Ornithology, the Society publishes a quarterly journal of ornithology, The Wilson Journal of Ornithology, and holds annual meetings
  • Woodland Trust

    Find your nearest woodland that is managed for conservation.
  • Working Group on International Waderbird and Wetland Research

    The Working Group on International Waderbird and Wetland Research (WIWO) was established in 1983, in order to create a well-defined and accessible intermediary between financing organisations and governmental bodies on the one hand, and volunteer ornithologists interested in studying waterbirds in countries with little own potential for such studies on the other.

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