I have visited many tens of thousands of birding sites now during the creation of this comprehensive resource for birders everywhere. They vary enormously technically, in design, ease of use and attractiveness as well, of course, as in breadth and depth of content. Of course, what appears below must be a snapshot as websites develop over time, change design and get better or worse depending on your point of view.

Below I feature ten birding websites that I use a lot and like for their content – style is very variable and good information is sometimes hard to get to with bad design. Nevertheless, these sites stand out for me and I recommend them to my users, albeit that they are most useful for birders like me and especially those who live in my part of the world.

There are very many other sites out there that I have a lot of time for with excellent photographs or interesting, amusing or well-written BLOGs etc. I may, from time to time, add to the list below with some of these ‘runners up’.

Other Links
  • Bird Tours Trip Reports

    Welcome to the birdtours web-site. Many new reports are added each month. There are now over 1500 reports from 130 countries. We haven't counted, but we think that over 9000 bird species are documented. A large collection of trip reports from all over - I like the consistent style although it seems to be getting less updates. The website is also unattractive and rather messy
  • Buckingham Press

    Buckingham Press is a small family-run company dedicated to publishing books and other printed products of the highest quality and value to active birdwatchers. Buckingham Press not only offer some very good county guides and the 'must have' annually produced Birdwatchers Yearbook, but have also changed the face of such publishing. The editorial and graphical skills of those behind the company means that they set the standards that much bigger companies now follow. Fatbirder
  • IOC World Bird List

    Our goal on behalf of the International Ornithologists
  • Jacobi Jayne

    In my view this company only offers superior bird food and feeders and supplies me so I can personally endorse their products. There site is being re-vamped (Dec 2012) but when up and running offers lots of background info and advice as well as products. Fatbirder
  • Kent Ornithological Society

    Welcome to the website of Kent Ornithological Society! The Society's website, you
  • NHBS (Natural History Book Shop)

    'Everything for wildlife, science and environment'
  • Opticron

    Founded in the UK in 1970, Opticron is a family-owned business with over forty years experience in consumer optics. In that time we have met and exceeded the demands of tens of thousands of enthusiasts and occasional users looking for a pair of high quality affordable binoculars, a telescope or an accessory to help them pursue their pastime, hobby or obsession! To my mind the best affordable optics there are. These days optical quality differs only minutely across the board and the price you pay is more about portability and after sales services, but I can personally endorse Opticron as being very good for the price and offering an after sales service anyone can be proud of! Fatbirder
  • Oriental Bird Club

    Oriental Bird Club, UK registered charity 297242, is for birders and ornithologists around the world who are interested in birds of the Oriental region and their conservation. A nice clean site - that has grown and developed over the years staying up with the best in the web as well as best in the birds. Fatbirder
  • Printable Bird Checklists

    I use this site whenever I am planning a trip to download an up-to-date list of birds I might see on the trip. This is still the best such resource
  • Swarovski Optik

    Since the founding of our company some 60 years ago, we have committed ourselves to the development and production of long-range sports optics of the highest precision and optical luminosity, which should bring you pleasure for generations thanks to their quality, longevity and value retention. This is where I look to see developments in optics for birders. I admit to self-interest as they are a major advertiser with Fatbirder, but I also honestly use swaro bins, scope and tripod! Its on my list as the maker of the best birding optics there are

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