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Optics Retailers

Optics retailers are often the best source of information about birdwatching equipment. It pays them to make sure you get equipment that suits you not necessarily the most expensive. Some of the sites have comparisons of equipment, league tables etc. Some manufacturers (see Optics Manufacturers) also thoroughly review their own products and are also good sources for spare part. A couple of the sites below are just for information… including some no nonsense explanations of the technical terms most birders bandy about but few understand! Also, if you are thinking of buying take advantage of the modern trend of optics suppliers to go out in the field and show you their wares on your local reserve… it is definitely the way to see what suits you rather than just buy on reputation. Most of the retailers listed supply worldwide but you may need to add local tax when importing (e.g. Europeans may have to add VAT to US prices).

Useful Information

10 Expert tips on choosing binoculars for birding and wildlife observation

The right pair of binoculars can enhance your enjoyment of and engagement with the natural world exponentially. But choosing binoculars for birding and wildlife watching can be a tricky proposition….

Consumer Product Guide - All Best Binoculars

Binocular Reviews & Ratings – Finding Best Binoculars & Scopes For You Expert advice & binocular reviews of Nikon, Steiner, Bushnell & more. We review all best binoculars & spotting scopes for birdwatching, hunting & sport events. You’ll find lots of easy-to-follow information about the best birdwatching, hunting, marine, waterproof, giant, and other types of binoculars…

Consumer Product Guide - Best Binoculars Reviews

I became interested in binoculars and optics in general whilst working as a safari guide (field guide) in South Africa. As part of my job, I would use binoculars every single day…

Consumer Product Guide - Best Birding Binoculars

Your online resource for the best binoculars and related information… Birding Binoculars – Are They Really Any Different?

Consumer Product Guide - Better View Desired

http://betterviewdesired.com - If you want the best view of the bird your money (and your time) can buy, you need BVD. Comprehensive field tests and comparative reviews of the best in birding optics…plus informative, clear, concise explanations of what separates the bird worthy optics from the rest.

Consumer Product Guide - Binocular Reviews

Binocular Reviews…

Consumer Product Guide - Binoculars (Reviews and Shop)

Die Fernglas Agentur ist eine unabhängige Ratgeberseite rund um die Themen Fernglas, Spektiv und Zubehör. (The binoculars Agency is an independent advisor page on the topics of binoculars, spotting scopes and accessories.)

Consumer Product Guide - Bird Binoculars Reviews & Birding

My site is about birding, birding equipment, binoculars reviews. I love to share natural history about the birds I see and have come to know across the USA.

Consumer Product Guide - Birder Binoculars

A totally independent birding binocular comparison website - Browse ALL the brands and ALL the models of birding binoculars - Compare birding binocular prices from various online retailers…

Consumer Product Guide - Birding Binoculars & Scopes

A good source of information for comparing options. Some of the technical words used in articles about binoculars could use a bit of explanation. If you've ever been puzzled over Porro prisms, tried to figure out what kind of school an exit pupil goes to, or wondered if eye relief is some kind of welfare, check out this brief glossary of essential binoculars terms.

Consumer Product Guide - In Focus

In Focus are a leading UK supplier of optics but they also include this very useful guide…

Consumer Product Guide - Introduction to Optical Design

A gentle introduction to optics… lots of links that may help you decide what sort of design will suit you.

Consumer Product Guide - Optics for Birding

Welcome to the Optics for Birding home page, which is designed to educate those who want to buy optics (binoculars and telescopes, primarily) so that they can make informed buying decisions. Although the target audience is those of us who enjoy watching birds, much of the information is generally applicable, no matter what your intended application.

Consumer Product Guide - Optics Reviewer


Do you want good binoculars, but don't have the time and means to test a bunch and do your own binocular reviews? Welcome to OpticsReviewer.com! We buy and test binoculars like Nikon, Swarovski, Leupold, Vortex, Eagle Optics, Zhumell, and more so you don't have to. And we're good at it. Our experts write reviews to help you achieve the experiences that you want…

Consumer Product Guide - Spotting Scope Review

I plan on reviewing all the scopes I've used and even some I haven't, but I really would like to add reviews by other scope users since first hand ifo from real users is always best. So, if you've used a scope and want to write a short review and send it to me, I'd love to post it on the site for others to read…

Consumer Product Guide - The Binocular Site

In depth information on binoculars of all sorts; also includes information on all the latest brands - an independent website with a mission - to give you a clear view of the best deals and information on binoculars and scope accessories available today!

Ireland's Wildlife Team - Reviews

The latest in wildlife viewing optics independently reviewed by the Ireland's Wildlife team….

Photography Minute

Photography Minute is a blog focused on helping our readers learn the skills (and the art!) of photography, find information about new cameras, lenses and gear and see some awesome photographs…

Repair Service - UK

OPTREP 16 Wheatfield Road, Selsey, West Sussex, PO20 0NY, UK http://www.opticalrepairs.com

Repair Service - UK

Action Optics - Southampton based optics retailer. Action Optics is a specialist binocular and telescope repair workshop - http://www.actionoptics.co.uk


Other Links

ABA Sales (US)


ABA Sales is the mail-order company that is wholly owned and operated for the benefit of the American Birding Association, and so benefits birders and birding. We carry a wide selection of books for birders, specializing in field guides, ID guides, and bird finding guides, plus other birding titles and checklists. We also carry a wide selection of optics including selected top-notch birding binoculars and spotting scopes by Kowa, Bushnell, Zeiss, Leica, Swarovski, Meade, Swift, and Nikon, plus the best selection of Gitzo and Bogen birding tripods and parts, and other birding gear and accessories.

Ace Optics (UK)


For Everything Visual, Optical, Photographic & Digital - Ace Optics are situated in Bath in the older part of the city. Established as part of the Ace cameras group for 12 years we pride ourselves on unsurpassed levels of customer care and value for money. If you are able to visit us when making your purchase we will guarantee you a view of a bird of prey and if you spend over £99.00 we will treat you to a free pint and a ploughman`s at the OLD GREEN TREE pub situated next to our store.

Action Optics (UK)


Southampton based optics retailer. Action Optics is a specialist binocular and telescope repair workshop that also stocks new and second hand binoculars; telescopes - both Astro and terrestrial; night sights and telescopic rifle sights.

Adorama (US)


On line US optics…

Agent 74 (Ireland)


Located in Co Wicklow - Spotting scopes & binoculars perfect for bird watching. Whether you are using a spotting scope on a tripod in a hide or want a pair of lightweight binoculars to take on a hike with you, Agent 74 has it covered…

Anacortes Optics (US)


We are thoroughly committed to providing the astronomical and birding communities not only with the world's best products, but the finest service as well. Whether you're just starting out with your hobby or you've had decades of experience, call us or visit us online for competitive pricing and professional service that you can rely on again and again. - Herb and Paula York

B&H Photo-Video (US)


B&H Photo-Video is a retailer and mail order company with among the world’s largest inventory of photographic, pro video, pro audio and digital imaging equipment.

Best Birding Binoculars


Bird watching is a noble activity requiring plenty of dedication, spare time and specific equipment. Unfortunately, these type of sports rarely come affordable but there is no price for a man’s pleasure....

Binoculars Expert


At www.binoculars-expert.co.uk we offer birding binoculars and binocular accessories, among others. We also strive to inform the customer as thoroughly as possible…

Binoculars-UK (UK)


BINOCULARS-UK are specialists in providing quality vision accessories. Inpro Optics binoculars are designed for people who expect extraordinary performance at a very competitive price. The quality of your binoculars can have a lot to do with the sucess of your days outdoors, Inpro Optics bring you a comprehensive range that will satisfy the most demanding of users.

Binoculars.com (US)


We monitor the internet and physical retail stores to ensure our customers the lowest possible prices. We work hard at this and we want to help you. If you find a set of binoculars for a lower price please let us know, we will do our best to meet or beat that price. Many makes including Swarovski , Steiner, Nikon, Cannon, Zeis, etc..

Birdnet Optics Ltd (UK)


They say… Birdnet Ltd - offering the birder the best value on Optics, Books & Outdoor Clothing too…

BirdOculars (US)


Our selection of birding binoculars is awesome! In the coming months, we will be adding reviews, tips, stories and an opportunity for you to share your experiences with other birders the world over…

Bob Rigby Photographic Ltd (UK)


Bob Rigby Photographic Limited are Professional Photographic dealers based in Bollington, Cheshire, United Kingdom. We have been supplying the worlds finest photographic equipment to professional & amateur photographers, colleges, universities, police photographic departments, dental technicians and other professional bodies for over 24 years…

Brandon Optics (Canada)


175-11880 Hammersmith Way, Richmond, BC V7A5C8, CA Phone: +1-604 764-7731 Fax: +1-604-909-4951 - Brandon Optics is the online branch of retail for Olivon brand products in Canada and the USA. It's a branch of our warehouse office that deals specifically to the consumer end.

Bristol Cameras (UK)


You will find the UK's Cheapest Digital Cameras, Binoculars, Printers, Batteries and other accessory listings from all the major photographic companies on this site. Full accessory lists show that we can supply not just the camera of your choice at the cheapest price but also a full list of accessories…

Camera Shop (UK)


…we sell a large range of binoculars and monoculars… an on-line retailer based in Worcestershire, UK.

Camera Warehouse (Australia)


Camera Warehouse makes it easy to find what you need…

Camerastore (Australia)


Camerastore.com.au is 100% Australian owned and operated. We only sell Australian market digital cameras, film cameras, video cameras, SLR's, MP3 Players and related accessories. All our products come with a full 1 year national warranty…

Carson Optical (US)


Whether you're indoors or out, Carson has the right optic for any situation, at the right price!

Clifton Cameras (UK)


A range of cameras and a limited range of binoculars. Mark Williams Tel 01179 734484 Clifton Cameras 82 Alma Rd Clifton Bristol BS8 2DJ…

Deutsche Optik (Germany)


Founded in 1990, our quarterly catalogue is unique in offering a fascinating mix of new and historical optics from the world`s finest optical houses. Our customers include birders, collectors, decorators, sportsmen, view homeowners, and general enthusiasts from around the world.

Eagle Optics (US)


Eagle Optics is one of America's largest independent mail-order sports optics companies, with a particularly strong presence among birders and outdoor-enthusiasts. Eagle Optics has gained this prominence as a result of an exceptional selection of quality products offered by its highly regarded sales staff, providing expert opinion with unmatched customer service. The right stuff. The right place. The right price…

EagleEye OpticZooms (UK)


We are the sole manufacturers of all EagleEye products sold on this website…

East of England Binocular Centre (UK)


Based in Lincolnshire another on-line optics retailer. A site where you probably need to know what you want already as it is very sparse. Suppliers of: Bausch & Lomb, Bushnell, canon, Doctor, Helios, Inpro, Olympus, Opticron, Optolyth, Pentax, Swift & Zeiss.

Falcon Stare (China)


Cheap Chinese optics - When you need to get the lay of the land, two eyes are sometimes better than one. Find binoculars, monoculars and spotting scopes that let you get closer to nature. Welcome to www.falconstare.com. Our optic instruments provide the clarity of vision and durability you need...

Focalpoint (UK)


Focalpoint is a family run business dedicated to its customers in a highly specialized field. We pride ourselves on our friendly, unbiased advice and on our wide range of specialist equipment Telescopes, Binoculars, Tripods, outdoor clothing, and Accessories.

Hardin Optical (US)


Hardin Optical Company is your one stop telescope and accessory store on the Southern Oregon Coast. 1-877-447-4847 toll free personal service. Hardin Optical's telescope shop is a complete retail store that offers quality optical products from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Harrison Telescopes [UK]


The UK Specialists For Telescopes & Binoculars… with an emphasis on Celestron products…

Hunt's (US)


Mail order optics from Maine.

In Focus (UK)


We are the leading specialist retail supplier of optics to the birdwatching community, with seven shops and a comprehensive programme of field sales days. As main sponsor to the British Birdwatching Fair, we have a proven commitment to birdlife conservation. Our service is based on value-for-money and personal after-sales attention. All our shops are managed and staffed by optics specialists - many of whom are well-known birdwatchers in their own right. Our shops are listed here and in every one you can be sure of a warm welcome and helpful advice.

Jessops (UK)


Jessops is the UK's No.1 Photographic Retailer. Available to buy online you have a choice of 20,000 products including Cameras, Digital and Video equipment, Darkroom products, Film and all related accessories - all backed by our network of over 180 stores nation-wide. Our reputation has been built on the excellence of our service, value for money, the most extensive range of products in the UK, and our unbiased advice to customers. We pride ourselves on our integrity, the quality of our staff - the majority of whom are keen photographers - and our commitment to photography.

Just Binoculars (US)


Binoculars, Spotting Scopes and Rangefinders from Name Brand Manufacturers at the Lowest Prices. We carry binoculars for hunting, boating, birding and traveling as well as binoculars for star gazing, equine sports, night vision and sporting events. Top Name Brands from Steiner, Zeiss, Nikon, Leupold, Bushnell and Tasco. From this New Jersey based company.

Kahles (Austria)


Tradition is not only over 100 years of Kahles history. Tradition is a challange to be faced each and every day. In this sense Kahles, Austria's oldest existing optical manufacturer (established in 1898); continues a tradition of Optical manufacturing excellence supplying customers all around the world with precise an reliable Austrian Optical instruments - perfectly designed for each and every challenge.

Kingbirdfeeders.com (US)


Quality birding optics: bird watching binoculars and spotting scopes; bird feeders, houses and accessories for birders and backyard nature observation. Roy C. Smallwood 3rd. mailto:roy@kingbirdfeeders.com 2318 Oak Cliff Drive, Waco, TX 76710 Tel: 254-722-9993

Leisuretec (UK)


Mail order optics with an on-line catalogue. Suppliers of Kowa, Opticron, Steiner Binoculars etc.

London Camera Exchange (UK)


All LCE branches sell a wide range of the latest photographic equipment, together with a selection of USED stock. The exact mix of products varies from branch to branch in order to reflect local demands. With this in mind it is always best to contact the branch prior to making a journey to confirm that any items you require are available…

Microglobe (UK)


Discount optics online from the London store…

Monk Optics (UK)


Monk Optics maintains a showroom in the Wye Valley where customers may drop in to inspect the range of products on offer. The repairs service is based here and if you bring your existing binoculars, you may have a free collimation check. Our policy is to sell binoculars that meet our high standards of optical performance and durability within each price range. Our exclusive range of Monk and Fumoto binoculars have all been specifically designed and selected for their performance, and always represent the best value purchases.

Morris Photographic Centre

Facebook Page

Morris Photographic has been in business for 27 years on the high street in Oxford ox1 4bw , we have now moved to a new showroom in Chipping Norton. Chipping Norton is the highest town in oxfordshire so not much danger of floods! From the showroom we can offer our customers a spacious showroom packed with equipment, all at competitive internet prices. We sell tripods from popular manufacturers such as Lowepro, Manfrotto, Slik, National Geographic, Gitzo, Billingham, Benbo, Velbon, Kata, Crumpler, Tamrac. We also stock a large range of other photographic accessories ricoh,hoya,tamron,kenro,delkin to name but a few. We employ friendly, hardworking staff who are always willing to give accurate and informative advice…



Phonescope etc

Opticron (UK)


Clearly the easiest choice you'll ever make… Welcome to the Opticron on-line Catalogue all about Opticron Binoculars, Compact Binoculars, Telescopes, Fieldscopes, Mighty Midgets and Accessories…

Optics Planet (US)

Birding Optics

The OPMOD Beginner Birding Kit - Recommended by Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a terrific buy that gives you six products at one low price! This exclusive value package is available only here. The OPMOD Beginner Birding Kit - Recommended by Cornell Lab of Ornithology is perfect for the beginner birder…

Optik-Pro (Germany)


Wir sind einer der führenden Händler im Bereich Ferngläser, Spektive und Naturbeobachtung. Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Händlern bieten wir auch eine umfassende Beratung und lassen unsere Kunden auch bei Problemen nicht im Stich…

Orion Optics (US)


Orion Telescopes & Binoculars is the largest direct-to-consumer brand of quality optics for amateur astronomers and outdoor enthusiasts in North America. Established in 1975, we've built our reputation on providing high-quality products backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, competitive prices, and the best customer service and support in the industry. We've been selling direct since 1975 through our 100-page mail-order catalog and, since 1997, via our full online catalog. Unlike web-only storefronts, or department stores that sell optics only seasonally, we're specialists in telescopes and binoculars - it's what we do year-round.

Orniwelt (Germany)


Auf Ausrüstung für Ornitholgie und Naturbeobachtung spezialisierter Händler mit einer grossen Auswahl Ferngläser, Spektive, Tarnzelte und vielem mehr. Dazu Beratung und Serve auch nach dem Kauf…

Pennine Online (UK)


Based in Rochdale England, Pennine Photographic and Binocular Centre offer unbiased advice on all your photographic and optical needs. We are authorised dealers for such brands as Opticron, Leica, Swarovski and Zeiss binoculars and scopes. Our dedicated first floor optical showroom displays a wide range of astronomical telescopes and accessories as well as night vision equipment. We pride ourselves on our friendly service, fast mail order and keen prices. Visitors always welcome or check our website for details.

PicStop (UK)


01624 670005 - York House, Wetherby Road, Long Marston, York, YO26 7NH - High quality optics from leading brands - If astronomy or wildlife spotting is more your thing we have an amazing collection of telescopes, binoculars and spotters that are ideal for beginners and experts…

Psyer-SGI Ltd (UK)


Kent based retailer of scopes and binoculars - among other things.

RCS Optics (US)


RCS Optics offers many resources for fellow birding enthusiasts. Whether you are needing a pair of binoculars, a spotting scope, or wanting to get into digiscoping, RCS Optics can help you out. We also have a birding festival calendar that you can check out as well. Finally we have articles on binocular selection if you desire to learn more or you can simply review the birding binoculars that we have available that are preselected with the features that birders want and need. Simply select the resource you need at the left...

Sheffield Photographic Centre (UK)


The premier independent dealer in Sheffield for Canon, Pentax, Minolta, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Kodak, Tamron, Mamiya, Fujicolor, Ilford, Ricoh, Lowepro, Samsung, Kowa, Opticron, Gossen, Meopta, Minox, Swarovski, Agfa, Fotospeed, Tetenal, Forte, Cobra, Metz, Courtenay, Paterson, Kentmere, Manfrotto, Polaroid, Digital Imaging, Used cameras and darkroom equipment, Monochrome products, Chemicals, optics, the list is endless…

South West Optics (UK)


South West's leading Optics specialist. Telescopes, Binoculars, and accessories. Free Delivery on Internet Sales. (Say you saw it here!) Interest free credit on selected items. Part Exchange often possible. We also sell second-hand equipment. Long term credit available. Leica, Nikon, Swarovski, Zeiss, Opticron, Bushnell etc.

Spotting Scopes (US)


SpottingScopes.com provides a spotting scope selection of Leupold, Bushnell, and Nikon spotting scopes and telescopes…

UK Wildlife Cameras


Our aim is to provide the best quality products in the wildlife watch market at low competitive prices. We sell all sorts of Camera kits and accessories for your needs and essentials. In addition to this we are daily adding a comprehensive range of garden products…

UK Wildlife Cameras


Our aim is to provide the best quality products in the wildlife watch market at low competitive prices. We sell all sorts of Camera kits and accessories for your needs and essentials. In addition to this we are daily adding a comprehensive range of garden products…

Viking Optical (UK)


Viking first began supplying the specialist optics market in 1985, and was founded by individuals whose experience within the optics field stretched back to the origins of modern optical technology, as we know it today. Viking recognized a need for performance and value. Our materials are sourced from around the world and our partners are among the world's leading authorities in binocular design. We strive to combine our experience, user relationships, commitment to quality and dedication to new and improved techniques; presenting a concise and effective range of professional binoculars. Our standards are recognized by the British and internationally acclaimed, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). Our relationship has spawned many superb products designed specifically for the naturalist.

Warehouse Express (UK)


Voted Retailer of the Year with over 14,000 product lines on their website this company specialises in Optics and Digital Photography and are renowned for their outstanding service. They stock all the leading brands including Leica, Swarovski, Zeiss, Kowa, Opticron, Nikon, Bushnell, Swift, Canon, Fuji, Olympus, Manfrotto, Slik, Skua, etc, and offer a superb next day delivery. Warehouse Express with Birdwatching Magazine are now running a new worldwide competition International Wildbird Photographer with over £5000 of prizes, details and entry form are on their website.

Whitby's Imaging Centre (UK)


Photographic supplier and processor in Chichester West Sussex.

Wilkinson Cameras (UK)


Digital cameras etc.