Incertae Sedis – Uncertain Families

Yellow-breasted Chat Icteria virens ©Emily Willoughby (Creative Commons) Website

The rapid and remarkable changes in taxonomy largely due to DNA sequencing has moved many species from one family to another, split families and resurrected others. Nevertheless, some species have yet to ‘find a home’. This page is for those species… hopefully, within a short time this will disappear as authorities agree where these ‘homeless’ species belong in the phylogenetic tree. They are set out in those groups which appear to belong together, wherever that is. The IOC lists just three species in three genera as Incertiaae Sedis 1; they are:

Grauer’s Warbler Graueria vittata

Green Hylia Hylia prasina

Tit Hylia Pholidornis rushiae.

The IOC lists just six species in five genera as Incertiaae Sedis 2; they are:

Green-tailed Warbler Microligea palustris

Yellow-headed Warbler Teretistris fernandinae
Oriente Warbler Teretistris fornsi

Wrenthrush Zeledonia coronata

Yellow-breasted Chat Icteria virens

White-winged Warbler Xenoligea montana

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