After much of 2020 has been in ‘lockdown’ and world travel for pleasure greatly reduced – most birders who would normally have travelled to see new birds around the world have been unable to do so.

But, at last, there is a small bright light at the end of the tunnel with no less than four new vaccines likely to be available early next year. If they are effective many people will want to plan a trip.

In light of this has asked Birding Ecotours CEO and guide Chris Lotz to select some iconic birding destinations and describe their attractions for birders. He has travelled and birded since he was a child and, leading a tour company, he has visited every continent and virtually all the prime birding destinations globally.

Over the coming weeks he is selecting one from each continent and sharing its wonders. He will also highlight the destinations by linking to his company’s ‘offer’. (Remember other birding companies will also have tours to those places such as some of our other advertisers like ‘Naturalist Journeys’ and ‘Rockjumper’.)

See the article below for Chris’s latest top birding destination.