| Lim Kim Seng, Yong Ding Li, Lim Kim Chuah & Dana Gardner | John Beaufoy Publishing | 2023 | Paperback | 232 Pages | 150 Plates | ISBN: 9781913679507 | £24.99p |

The Publisher’s View:

Language: English with English, simplified Chinese, Malay and scientific nomenclature

A Field Guide to the Birds of Singapore is a fully comprehensive field guide to the 422 bird species of Singapore, as well as ‘escapees’ not formally accepted as ‘wild’ birds. The species are clearly illustrated in over 100 plates, with many variants. The main identifying features of each species are described and key facts cover size, voice, range and status, habitat and breeding. The book also includes information on taxonomy and nomenclature, observing birds, climate, habitats, the breeding cycle, migration and conservation as well as 25 key birdwatching sites with maps.

The Authors: Lim Kim Seng has more than 40 years of experience in birdwatching across Southeast Asia. He is a professional bird guide and biodiversity consultant and has authored more than 10 books on birds.

Yong Ding Li completed his doctorate in biodiversity conservation at the Australian National University. He currently coordinates BirdLife International’s work on migratory bird conservation in Asia. He has worked extensively in the region and is the author of The 125 Best Birdwatching Sites in Southeast Asia. Ding Li also actively volunteers for the Nature Society (Singapore) and has 30 years of field experience in the country.

Lim Kim Chuah is a committee member of the Nature Society (Singapore)’s bird group and one of the most experienced birdwatchers in Singapore.

Dana Gardner has illustrated over 24 books on birds and natural history. He has spent 10 years living and working in Southeast Asia, and Central and South America.

Fatbirder View: Just like the earlier edition by these authors and artists, this is the definitive guide to Singapore, and southern peninsular Malaysia. The island has a small but active birding community, so newly seen species have been added along with up-to-date site information and range and scarcity of species. Wonderfully clear and crisp images made it an easy to use guide in the field.

It would be in my hand were I ever lucky enough to revisit this jewel of the east.

It will not replace my previous fieldguide because that bears messages from the brothers Lim and notes made when I visited and was guided by those two, brilliant guides and great company who remain in my experience as two of the best birders anywhere on the globe. I’ll never forget birds seen thanks to their sharp eyes and ears and many years of experience… all worth the mossie bites, leeches and treks in forest and reserves and jungle on the mainland.

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