| Dave Gosney | Easybirder | 2023 | Paperback | 36 Pages | ISBN: 9781907316623 | £9.50p |

The Publisher’s View:

This book covers the coastal strip of Croatia, from as far north as Pag Island and as far inland as the Plitvice lakes. It’s perfect for anyone wishing to enjoy the touristic delights of Croatia and also find as many birds as possible.

Dave Gosney writes: ‘‘Dubrovnik, Split, Plitvice, Krka, Biokovo… southern Croatia has so many fantastic places to visit, but what’s it like for birds? I really enjoyed birding at many of the sites in this book but some didn’t live up to expectations, so you need to know where to go. This book provides a clear, up-to-date, assessment of where the best birding is and tells you exactly where to find breeding birds such as Rock Partridge, Rock Nuthatch, Olive-tree Warbler, Black-headed Bunting, Audouin’s Gull, Sombre Tit, Calandra Lark, Yelkouan Shearwater and the best places for migrants such as terns, waders, pipits and Red-footed Falcons.”

Sample pages

Sites covered

Unique features

Compared to other publications covering the same area, this one:

  • Provides the most useful maps – so you can easily find your way to the best bits of wetland, hillside or grasslands
  • Includes GPS co-ordinates to help you find the right turnings, parking spaces or viewing points
  • Highlights the best areas only – and summarises the key attraction in the first paragraph so you can easily decide whether to read on or bother to visit the site
  • Has a map on the inside cover which serves as an index so you can easily find any site in the book
  • Is light and portable (and cheap)
  • Is updated in the free update pageson this website, giving details of what other birders have found at these sites

The Author: Dave Gosney… in his own words: I am the author of the Finding Birds in series of books. My mission is to produce books and DVDs to give you the best possible chance of finding your most wanted birds when you go birding abroad.

Fatbirder View: I’ve reviewed dozens of David’s booklets over the years and have never had a bad word for them… these are no exception. They are perfect little guides for the regions. Succinct, ever up to date, eminently portable and with precise notes on where the sought-after birds can be found. I’ve used them in the field as an adjunct to self-guided trips in Europe and beyond. The idiosyncratic maps are exactly what you need, especially as, these days, you get a GPS co-ordinate too. It’s around forty years since I was in Montenegro and Croatia and I dare say mass tourism has had a toll on biodiversity and modern agriculture has had an impact of bird numbers. Nevertheless, this part of Europe, especially away from the coast, still has a lot of wild places and empty areas where terrain too difficult to farm or build upon has helped preserve the wildlife.

Are those simple tavernas still hugging the coastline offering limited menus of fish fresh from the sea and salad grown out back? Some of those pretty towns with preserved or restored mediaeval architecture still delight. Visiting birders can still enjoy bee-eaters and shrikes, wheatear species and  rock nuthatches and all those ‘everyday birds’ we don’t get to see at home. Dave makes that easy through these super little guides.

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