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Bird Food

There are lots of places to buy food, some on line with delivery services etc. Some UK suppliers use the BSA mark as a standard others say their standards exceed this. Whoever you choose please use reputable seed that is guarantied fit and free of moulds etc. - if you see cheap loose feed ask yourself why it is cheap! These days, despite our willingness to part with many hundreds of pounds to buy good optical equipment or overseas birding trips I am surprised at how reluctant the majority of birders are to pay a little extra for quality food, rather than just get whatever is on offer from their local pet store.

I have recently been running trials on feed supplied to me by Jacobi Jayne - the results of which are contained in my regular reviews. I am very impressed by the high quality of the products and how many more birds, and bird species, now regularly feed in my tiny urban garden. From a standing start of zero ever goldfinches my highcount is now 22 crowding just two feeders! It is results like this that have led me to give my personal endorsement to the company!

See below for lots of retailers and wholesalers, on-line stores and specialist suppliers in your corner of the world… I personally use Jacobi Jayne - not only do they supply excellent bird food in great variety [I use their huskless mix, peanuts and nijer] but also some of the best bird feeders and other backyard bird gear.

Useful Information

Make Your Own Wild Bird Food

Sure you can buy wild bird food, but there are hundreds of family handed-down homemade bird food recipes you can easily make on your own.
Many of these bird food recipes include ingredients you likely have laying around the house. 

Most birds will eat many things. The recipes listed for each bird are some of their preferred food selections.

Overview of Wild Bird Feeding

The bird feeding experience is influenced by the quality of the wild bird food presented and the effectiveness with which it is made available to the birds. Foods vary greatly in their attractiveness, as will be discussed later, and some bird feeders have a much higher innate attractiveness than others. For example, squirrel-proof feeders tend to have a low innate attractiveness to birds than feeders that are not designed to be squirrel-proof. Therefore their use results in a less satisfactory bird feeding experience than would be the case if an attractive non-squirrel-proof feeder were presented and squirrel-proofed through external means, such as baffles.

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Our research into the feeding preferences of wild birds uncovered three very important studies. In 1980 a study was conducted of relative feeding preferences of wild birds at feeders (Geis, 1980). This study was expanded in 1980 – 81 and published in 1983 (Geis and Hyde, 1983). The studies consisted of presenting different seeds in experimental feeders such that the only variable was the seed type. Essentially, both studies demonstrated that most wild birds frequenting feeders preferred black oil sunflower and white proso millet. In effect, these two seed types alone could meet the preferences of most of the species of wild birds that typically frequent feeders. However, as the work of Ullrey et al. indicates, they do not provide a nutritionally balanced diet…

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The UKs leading supplier of quality bird food. FREE Handbook of Garden Feeding containing everything you need to know about attracting and caring for the wildlife in your garden. Full range of natural history books and multimedia products available through associated companies Subbuteo Books and BirdGuides Ltd.

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CJ WildBird Foods have 20 years experience offering a wide range of high-quality products to help you attract, feed, identify and care for wild birds and other wildlife in your garden…

Dietec UK Specialist Avian Supplies


Situated in the popular coastal resort of Scarborough North Yorkshire, Dietec UK Specialist Avian Supplies has gone from strength to strength since the company was formed in the year 2000. We are a small company which still takes pride in offering our ever growing customer list a service that we believe is second to none. Welcome to our new store, as the name of our new store suggests we are dedicated to providing UK consumers with a comprehensive selection of top quality wild bird foods, garden bird feeders and related wildlife accessories to enable you to entice a wide variety of popular wild bird species and animals into your garden to feed.

eBirdseed.com [USA]


eBirdseed.com does one thing extremely well - we direct mail the highest quality wild bird seed throughout the United States. Since 1999, birding enthusiasts have enjoyed the convenience of quality seed delivered right to their doorstep…

Ernest Charles [UK]


We sell an extensive range of products for garden wildlife, cage and aviary birds, household pets and also coarse fishing feeds. Our business started before the days of the telegraph back in 1844. From a chemist shop in Exeter we began selling medicinal seeds alongside traditional medicines. Out of this activity has developed our expertise. We now have our own mill, in Crediton, Devon, where we blend a wide range of seeds and feeds.

Farbrook Farm Wild Bird Food [UK]


High-quality UK suppliers of bird seed and bird food. Buy Bird food, bird seed, fat balls, suet pellets, bird feeders and much more from Farbrook Farm!

Food 4 Wildbirds [UK]


At food for wild birds we supply a wide range of quality wild bird food delivered direct to your door….

G J W Titmuss [UK]


The company was founded by George Titmuss in 1870 to carry on the business of flour milling. He was then 21 years of age having been apprenticed to his uncle for 6 years at Lemsford Mill. During the next 50 years or so flour milling became dominated by large flour mills at ports in the UK using imported wheat. As a result the business gradually changed to agricultural merchanting,passing from George to James and then to James' son George…

Gardman [UK]


All our products are checked and endorsed by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) and meet all the BSA (Bird Care Standards Association) criteria…

Grubco [US]


Live mealworms…

Haiths [UK]


Haith's have unrivalled experience at supplying bird foods by mail order direct to your door, anywhere in the world. The company was founded in the 1940s by John Haith who developed the mail order side of the business from a small pet shop in Cleethorpes. Our range of seeds and foods remains unmatched - we continue to provide the highest quality at competitive prices, with free UK delivery for all orders exceeding 10 kilos.

Jacobi Jayne's Wild Bird [UK]


One of the key objectives at Jacobi Jayne's Wild Bird News is to support the generosity of spirit of everyone who feeds their garden birds by having the principle - Quality Birdfoods @ Fair Prices - as a cornerstone of their Trading Charter. This means they set their birdfood prices to cover business costs rather than to make a profit. Their range of foods has been created by leading ornithologists; each one is made to the highest standards from top quality ingredients; and the unique level of service is second to none. The only reduction is the price!

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Kennedy Wild Bird Foods [UK]


Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Food you will discover only the finest wild bird foods and accessories, including a wide selection of top quality birdseed, sunflower hearts, peanuts, mealworms, seed feeders and much more...

Love Garden Birds


Welcome to Love Garden Birds, the online home for everyone who loves their garden birds and wants to enrich their lives. Here you’ll find advice for matching your feed to your garden’s birds, striking the right balance between your birds and the other local wildlife, and much more.

Manor Farm Ganaries [UK]


For over 40 years Manor Farm Granaries have grown and harvested many acres of bird seed crops in the undulating countryside West of Huntingdon. Over the generations our early spring cropping methods have attracted an unusually wide variety of healthy birds that include Skylarks, Lapwings and Finches.

Nature Station [UK]


Nature Station is a UK, family run company specialising in quality, low cost and predominantly locally-sourced products for your wildlife garden or natural space...

Nature's Way [USA]


Here at Nature's Way, we provide you with the highest quality live food available on the market today. Not only will we provide the highest quality live food but also the best customer service in the market. We offer over 60 years experience from our specially trained staff for all of your live food needs…

Nutbags [UK]


My free local delivery service applies to all people in the New Forest and Southampton area, with no miniumum purchase, but I am also willing to extend my area to include the whole of Hampshire, East Dorset, West Sussex and South Wiltshire, subject to a minimum order value of £25…

Peckamix Bird Food


Here at Peckamix we are passionate about great quality bird food. Whether you are looking for excellent seed mixes to bring wild birds flocking to your garden, high quality straight foods, or fantastic bird feeders and accessories, we are confident you will not be disappointed with our range of products!

Peckish [UK]


At Peckish our aim is to develop the very best in quality garden bird food and to help bring more bird species to your garden, that’s our promise. We love wild garden birds and seeing more colourful bird varieties eating Peckish wild bird seed and hearing birdsong in the garden can be very rewarding…

Soar Mill Seeds [UK]


Colin and Vanessa Mills welcome you to our site. As farmers in the South Hams of South Devon we can bring you a new, exciting and worthy alternative to the vast importation of seed for wild birds. Soar Mill Seeds Winter Stubbles® offers a unique opportunity to directly help in halting the decline of our farmland birds. Just by changing to our seed products, allows us to put more and more land into stubble fields to be left over the winter period as a food source for all wildlife to use. During the winter we do not plough it, spray it or plant it, that is your contribution to the British countryside and of course the more you buy the greater that contribution becomes.

Song Bird Garden [US]


Bird feed etc…

Squirrel Ban [UK]


Squirrel Ban, GardenXtras, Chartwell House, Chartwell Road, Lancing Industrial Estate, Lancing, West Sussex BN15 8TY - 01903 761222 - First and foremost squirrel ban is a high-quality, highly nutritional mix of bird feed containing kibbled maize, red dari, wheat, black sunflower, small striped sunflower, white millet, chopped peanuts, red millet, naked oats and Cillimega™…

Street End Feeds [UK]


Wild bird food direct from the farm. Farm bird feeds include bird seeds, sunflowers, peanuts and fat balls Street End Feeds, Hampshire UK…

The Bird Table [UK]


If you've found your way to this site, you're one of two sorts of people; someone who already feeds birds or someone who wants to feed birds. Either way, you are interested in birds and wildlife. On this site you will find a great variety of all the usual foods and feeders plus a wide range of new and exciting products…

Twootz [UK]


Twootz.com is your online provider of quality and low-priced bird food, bird seed and wild bird food supplies, as well as a variety of bird feeders. We are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and we service the entire UK…

UK Bird Seed [UK]


As specialists in high quality wild bird food we can offer you a broad range of seed mixes which cater to an wide variety of UK bird species. Our wild bird seed is an essential source of nutrition and sustenance providing energy to birds throughout the year.

Vine House Farm [UK]


Vine House Farm Bird Foods provides seed and mixes specifically for wild birds, at reasonable prices, on their conservation award winning farm in Lincolnshire. To contact us: Phone: (01775) 630208 Email: birdseed@vinehousefarm.co.uk Vine House Farm, Deeping St Nicholas, Spalding, Lincs, PE11 3DG.

Wiggly Wigglers [UK]


Attract birds to your garden - We also specialise in worms for Live Bird Food.

Wild About Birds [USA]


Our walk-in shop is located in Florence Alabama and we carry much more than what is listed here in this on-line store. If you can't find it here then just call or e-mail us…

Wild Bird Food Direct


Wild Bird Direct is an independent online supplier of discount Wild Bird Food and Wild Bird Seed…

Wild Delight [US]


Wild Delight® produces three varieties of food to attract the most desirable outdoor pets. Advanced Formulas have premium ingredients and complete vitamin-mineral fortification including real fruits and nuts. Natural Formulas contain only natural premium ingredients. Wildlife Formulas are specifically designed for backyard wildlife…