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Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia. It lies at the northern part of the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia and has Satun and Songkhla Provinces of Thailand on its northern border.

Perlis has a population of 210,000. The capital of Perlis is Kangar and the royal capital is Arau. Another important town is Padang Besar, at the Malaysian-Thailand border. The main port is the small village of Kuala Perlis, linking mostly to Langkawi Island. Perlis has a snake farm and Gua Kelam as tourist attractions, as well as the small yet beautiful Perlis State Park.



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Birds of Perlis and Kedah, including Langkawi: An annotated checklist

by Richard Gregory-Smith - Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (1995) ISBN: 9839559265 Out of Print

PEARL OF PERLIS: Perlis State Park Guide

Editors: Kasim Osman, Rahimatsah Amat and Surin Suksuwan - State of Perlis Forestry Department KM2, Jalan Kaki Bukit 01000 Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia


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Perlis State Park


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…The uniqueness of the limestone hill ecosystems and the richness of both the animal and plant species found in Perlis State Park are undeniable. It is a natural treasure of rich biological diversity where the limestone hills are home to endemic flora and fauna…

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Perlis State Park is located along the western border of Perlis, where Peninsular Malaysia meets Thailand. The Park is situated on the longest continuous range of limestone hills in the country, called the Nakawan Range. The Nakawan Range has beautiful, heavily forested slopes, sheer cliff faces, streams and extensive cave system…

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