With World Shorebirds Day at the corner and the already running Global Shorebird Counts, we are getting busier in the first days of September. In most parts of the Northern Hemisphere, we say goodbye to our shorebirds, while friends in the Southern Hemisphere are welcoming the returning winter visitors. What a wonderful annual phenomenon it is.

The Global Shorebird Counts kicked off on the 1st of September, and we have already received 55 eBird checklists. It will be hard to beat the previous year’s record with 1,615 checklists, but after all, it is not a competition between years. The pandemic still doesn’t make it easy as there are still numerous countries with lockdown or restrictions.

If you feel you can safely contribute your shorebird data from 1-7 September, please share your eBird checklists with us using our eBird username WorldShorebirdsDay. To learn more about the program, please visit our dedicated website.