| By Dominic Couzens – Illustrated by Madeleine Floyd | B T Batsford | 2022 | Hardback | 224 Pages | ISBN: 9781849947305 | £19.99p |

The Publisher’s View:

Fascinating stories about birdsong for every week of the year, with a QR code for every entry. Dominic Couzens, a leading bird expert and writer, takes you on a journey to enjoy an authentic year of birdsong around the world, one for every week of the year. From the ancient song of the Rifleman that was likely the first sound made by a songbird to the Eurasian Skylark who evokes the zenith of summer, from the constant companion of the American Robin whose song resonates from the top of skyscrapers and complements the howling of a wolfpack in Alaska to the drumming rhythm of the Great Spotted Woodpecker. This book covers a myriad of topics including bird nature and behaviour, stories and literary masterpieces inspired by birdsongs, the musicality of the notes, and what different songs communicate. Each of these fascinating stories are accompanied by illustrations by award-winning artist Madeleine Floyd and a QR code to let you listen to the birdsong while you read. A natural wonder that has captivated and fascinated generations, birdsong is the soundtrack to life. This book offers the perfect tonic whether you are an avid birdwatcher or just want to understand the songs that are often the first thing we hear in the morning and the last thing we hear at night.

The Author: Dominic Couzens is a British birder, author and journalist specialising in avian and natural history subjects. He contributes regularly to Bird Watching and BBC Wildlife magazines, and is also a professional field trip guide. His books The Secret Lives of Garden Birds, Secret Lives of British Birds, and Secret Lives of Garden Wildlife all received high praise. He is also the author of A Bird a Day.

The Illustrator: Madeleine Floyd is one of Britain’s best-loved artists. She works from her studio in London and is widely commissioned around the world. Madeleine’s creative talent is one of remarkable depth and diversity. She paints, she draws, she writes and she illustrates. This versatility allows Madeleine to produce hugely successful exhibitions, write and illustrate her own books. She has a particular passion for wildlife.


Fatbirder View:

Keeping it brief… I enjoyed the words, Dominic never disappoints as his style is as smooth as his knowledge is broad.

However, I am less keen on the illustrations. I’m sure it’s a matter of taste, so least said.

It’s a dip into book with enough depth to satisfy the life long ornithologist but just as suitable for the novice or occasional birder who will be won over by its casual charm.

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