It’s now three months since Ark Wildlife started supplying me with birdfeed and its three months with record numbers of birds in the garden. Ark Wildlife are victims of their own success in that I’ve had to be re-supplied more than ever before.

They supplied me with a number of feeders such as the Flutter Butter Feeder and the adjustable Robin Feeder, all of which have been well-used.

I’ve tried out their sunflower hearts, Flutter Butter, mealworms, fat balls, peanuts, niger seed and suet pellets. Every scrap gets eaten so I am clear on quality and not having to dodge cheap seed mixes or anything bulked out with cheap material that will just be rejected and make a mess under the feeders.

Having said that, what gets eaten and when depends on what is on offer and which birds are at the feeders. No bird would be disappointed if I filled all the feeders with suet pellets! Mind you I’d need to put down some meal worms and mixed fruit for the blackbirds and string up apples for our many ring-necked parakeets. Every other species that we get regularly will eat the suet by preference.

However, given a few noisy and aggressive starlings monopolising the suet, the sparrows turn to the fat balls, the Goldfinches hog the Niger and the tits go for huskless sunflower seeds. So, we experimented taking away the suet one morning saw the fatballs become favourite and peanuts come into their own with both sparrows and tits. During the winter we had a regular jay that would manage to wangle half a fatball out every visit, carrying it off to the local park! The few times the Greater-spotted Woodpecker dropped by it was always on to the fatballs. Flutter butter is mostly eaten by the starlings who find it easy to reach the very last morsel.

To say I am pleased with everything sent is only half the story. I’ve never waited more than two days for a delivery and most often its been the next day. Even with all the logistical problems during lockdown deliveries have been within an acceptable time frame.

Ark Wildlife has a number of characteristics that make me very glad to be associated with them. It’s very much a family business, and that includes the staff taken on by the actual relatives. Its ethos is one I can buy into where integrity trumps profit and environment is paramount.

I am pleased to thoroughly recommend their products and service.


NB I’ve taken advantage of the fact that Ark Wildlife also supply food for a variety of wildlife including excellent tadpole food!