Birds of the Masai Mara By Robert Burton & John Croxall | 176 Pages | 300+ Colour Photos | 1 Colour Map | WildGuides | Paperback | Oct 2012 | ISBN: 9780691155944

The Publisher’s View: Birds of the Masai Mara is a remarkably beautiful photographic guide featuring the bird species likely to be encountered by visitors to the popular Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. With an eye-catching layout, easy-to-use format, and no-jargon approach, Birds of the Masai Mara contains more than 300 stunning photographs covering over 200 species of birds and is accessible and informative, rather than purely identification-based. A handy, brief introduction provides visitors with background on the habitats of the national park, and Birds of the Masai Mara’s habitat-based approach makes it simple to identify any bird species according to where it is found. Based on the firsthand experiences of the author, Birds of the Masai Mara is an ideal companion to all those visiting the national reserve and to bird aficionados interested in learning more about the region.The Author: Adam Scott Kennedy has served as principal leader on birding holidays within South America, Africa, Europe, and New Zealand. With his wife, Vicki, he currently operates as a private safari guide, specializing in photographic and wildlife safaris. Information on their tours and stock image library can be found at his website: The Kennedys are the authors of Animals of the Masai Mara.

Fatbirder View: I am not a great lover of photographic fieldguides but… some types of fieldguide lend themselves to such treatment. When applied to a relatively small geographical area it is likely that the light and weather will ensure that colours are consistent and when you are dealing with a mixed habitat with habitat loyal species then showing birds in situ helps you look in the right places for the birds you seek, or identify those you see.

Of course this is an area with a very rich fauna and the author is a first class photographer so such a guide is ideal. The geographical coverage makes it ideal for tourists to this most popular of safari destinations.

All in all this is enough for me to recommend it to anyone visiting the area, and to the armchair birder as ‘bird porn’ that can turn on the birding urge in the coldest wettest winter day!


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