Birds We See – In Baja California Sur, Mexico By C E Llewellyn⎥ Published by Xlibris*⎥ 100 Pages⎥ 185 Colour Photographs⎥ $39.99

Author’s Description: This book is a photographic journey of the ‘Birds We See’ in the estuaries, arroyos and seashores of Los Cabos and the East Cape region of Baja. It contains more than 185 original photographs (by Chris & Debbie Llewellyn) of some of the many birds that live here or stop over during annual migrations.

Fatbirder View: This is a personal photographic journal with some excellent photos annotated with brief facts about the species shown. A pleasant enough book that reflects the website with, I suppose, a limited appeal. If I were to be super critical I would mention that the background to each page is not an inspired choice looking to me like mouldy paper, plain white or even a plain colour of any sort would be less of a distraction.

If I were the local education authority in the area I would want every school child to have access to this book to familiarize them with the birds that they share the land with.

A good effort.

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*Published by Xlibris – Basically a self-publishing facilitator with books printed on demand.