Fighting for Birds 25 years in nature conservation by Mark Avery | Paperback | 2012 | ISBN 9781907807299 | Listen to the interview with Mark Avery on Talking Naturally

Publisher’s Overview

Devoted to birds and wildlife since childhood, Mark’s early scientific research at Oxford, Aberdeen and the RSPB provided a solid background for his management, ambassadorial, and political lobbying activities which were to follow – and his larger than life, yet quietly humane personality has provided the final tools in his own, unique, nature conservationists’ toolbox.

In this book, Mark mixes a great many stories from his professional life at the RSPB with personal anecdotes and passionate arguments on past and present issues in bird and nature conservation. He shows us something of the many scientists whose work paves the way for conservation action, places domestic conservation into an international context, takes us behind the scenes to glimpse the politicians who have worked with him, or against him, along the way. Mark leaves us armed with practical tips and a guiding philosophy to take wildlife conservation though the troubled years that lie ahead.

A personal, philosophical and political history of 25 years of bird conservation, this book provides an instructive and amusing read for all those who would like a glimpse into the birds and wildlife conservation world – what the issues are, what must be done, how it can be done, and the challenges, highs and lows involved.Fatbirder View

I knew I would enjoy this book and learn a thing or two and I did. I knew that Mark is a passionate conservationist, what I hadn’t really taken on board is what a fluent writer he is too. When we have chatted in the past his passion for birds comes through for he is a birder as well as a scientist. I should have realized that, to do the job he did, you also need a keen political sense and this too i9s a strong theme of the book. Mark is no tree-hugger, his larger than life presence and amiable personality is one thing, but his practicality is what gets results.

This is a very enjoyable read and one to fuel one’s own passion. Now independent he can certainly ‘say it like it is’ but he is not loose-lipped or rash now that he can see it from the outside, his commitment to preserving and enhancing the environment is still paramount and it shows.

Chris Packham described this as an enjoyable ‘must read’ and I concur.

The Author: Mark Avery spent 25 years fighting for birds working for the RSPB, from Research Biologist to Conservation Director and is an influential blogger on all matters nature conservation.


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