Finding Birds in Extremadura – Booklet & DVD

By Dave Gosney

Paperback | Aug 2013 | Easybirder | ISBN: 9781907316425 | 31 Pages | Black & White Maps

DVD | Region 2 | Aug 2013 | Easybirder | ISBN: 9781907316432 | Runtime 86 Minutes

Publisher’s View:

Paperback – You can’t fail to see exciting birds in Extremadura but there are some species that would be easily missed if you didn’t know particular places to look for them. Finding Birds in Extremadura describes the most popular birdwatching areas around Trujillo and Monfrague and other areas too and includes specific information on exactly where to find the best birds. No other book highlights the best sites so clearly and tells you exactly where to go, in such detail and with such precise maps.

DVD – The DVD covers over 77 species at 15 sites throughout Extremadura, with the emphasis on the most popular birding areas around Trujillo and Monfrague. Of course it includes footage of many of Extremadura’s best birds including five species of eagle, three vultures, both bustards, both sandgrouse, Azure-winged Magpie, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Little Bittern, Black-shouldered Kite, Red Avadavat, Iberian Green Woodpecker, Bonelli’s Warbler, Lesser Kestrel and hundreds of Common Cranes.

Fatbirder View: It hardly seems me worth reviewing the pamphlet and DVD – I’ve reviewed more than a dozen of Dave Gosney’s efforts over the years and have never been anything other than informed and entertained. As I noted with his last DVD he has become even more relaxed and fluent in the last couple of films and this is no different. I’ve not visited this area of Spain – and I really should – but almost feel as if I have after watching the DVD! I certainly now feel as if I will have a lot less need of anyone to show me around and find the special birds… a few of which would fill some glaring gaps in my world list.

At sometime in the last couple of years Dave has gone from guide to filmmaker… these pieces could stand alone as birding documentaries as well as ‘where to find’ guides to the birds and their homelands. So, well done AGAIN Dave, I’m looking forward to the next.


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