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Northern Parula Setophaga americana ©Dylan Vasapolli Birding Ecotours
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Fatbirder is the premier birders' web resource about birds, birding, birdwatching & birding software. Whether you are looking for facts about hummingbirds, songbirds, shorebirds or raptors in your backyard or are planning a trip or birding tour it's the site for you. There are tens of thousands of links on two thousand pages about birding everywhere in the world; a page for every country & state & every bird family.

Its all here from RSPB reserves or Audubon bird sanctuaries to the best bird watching binoculars or spotting scope. There are pages on books, guides, forums, reserves, accommodation, trip reports, bird clubs, ornithology, twitching, endangered species, conservation, equipment, birding holidays and much more.

This website benefits hugely from the contributions of birders, photographers, ornithologists and birdwatchers from all over the world. Local birders wrote most country and state introductions, and Fatbirder users took most of the photographs featured.

We hope you like the fresh modern look…

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After strong representation from many iPad users we have decided to replace the menuing which we designed for iPad and replace it with that we designed for smart phones. A simple 'menu' button displays and taping that brings up the full menu on the left hand side which can be used in the normal way. We hope this has made it better for all tablet users.


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A Fieldworker’s Guide to the Golden Eagle

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The New Neotropical Companion

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