The dates have been announced for the Spurn Migration Festival. Between the 10-12 September 2021 the magic of migration will be live from North Field in Kilnsea, with the now familiar format of walks, talks, workshops, and of course, autumn bird migration.

The Spurn Migration Festival is a weekend-long celebration of the migration of birds delivered by the Migration Festival Team all keen to share the wonders of birds, migration and other wildlife with you.

The festival starts on Friday evening 10 September and closes at Sunday teatime 12 September and the event takes place across Spurn, Kilnsea and Easington. A warm and friendly welcome awaits, with an extensive programme of walks, talks, demonstrations, exhibitions and food.

The highlight for many at the festival is the chance to obtain close up views of that enigmatic bird called a Wryneck, so far it has been recorded at almost all of the Spurn Migration Festivals since they began back in 2013. Up to three of these birds were on full view throughout the weekend during the 2015 festival before continuing their epic migration to Africa South of the Sahara.

Rob Adams, Chair of the Spurn Bird Observatory, said, “Holding a physical Spurn Migration Festival at Spurn and not online will form for us, and I don’t doubt for many others too, a corner we all need to turn in our return to some sort of normality. The natural phenomenon of bird migration can help us do that and there is no better place than the great outdoors at Spurn during the autumn to witness it, I look forward to seeing you there.”

He added, “The last 15 months have been very challenging for all of us not least the decision to hold a 2021 migration festival, so it will be very important that we all play our part in running this event in line with the best COVID-19 safety advice at the time.”

Scott Mayson BirdTrack organiser and Bird Observatories contact for the BTO, said “Spurn migration Festival is a unique opportunity to highlight the amazing work the Bird Observatories do, meet BTO members and others who share a love of birds and to revel in the wonders of migration all at a truly amazing location.”

Tickets will be on sale from 24 May 2021 and our keynote speaker will be announced shortly – watch this space!