| Opticron | Savanna WP 30 | Field: 131m | Minimum Focus: 3m | Eye Relief: 18mm | IPD: 50mm-70mm | 116mm Tall x 160mm Wide | Weight: 491 Grams |

Maker’s Description:

Handy, lightweight, thoroughly modern porro prism binoculars uniquely suited to adults and children. With popular features such as waterproofing, long eye relief and ergonomic rubber armour, the optical set-up delivers brighter, sharper more three dimensional images compared to similarly priced roof prism binoculars. In addition the wide field eyepieces and a large depth of field make for easy location and tracking of wildlife.With a minimum IPD of 50mm, the Opticron Savanna WP can be used by children as young as 7 years without fear of eye-strain. Weighing under 500g and standing just 115mm high, the binocular fits easily into a backpack or sling bag or can be stored in its lightweight neoprene case.Like their sister compact models, both the 6×30 and 8×30 are engineered to deliver excellent quality and value for money for wildlife watchers of all ages and come with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

What’s in the box: Savanna WP binoculars are supplied in neoprene case with carrying strap, a rain guard and wide lanyard, dust caps, cleaning cloth, and a user guide with the guarantee.

Fatbirder View:

Why would one be searching for binoculars at around the £100 mark? Well, anyone first taking an interest in the wild world will want to get closer to our wary birds and mammals without disturbing them and optics fit that need. No-one taking up a new hobby wants to shell out top dollar until they know whether it’s a passing fancy or they are gripped for life. In my case I wanted something for my grandson Toby to use. He (unlike his older teenaged brother) has an interest in just about everything and teaches himself the basics of anything that interests him by borrowing a book or finding information on the net.

I must admit to feeding that interest with glossy bird books full of exotic species and ‘interesting’ facts.Now that he has been out birding with his dad and me I thought it was time to get him some bins of his own. I wanted inexpensive quality optics that wouldn’t drag him to the floor and durable ones too given, which youngsters maybe less than totally respectful of possession.

There are plenty of binoculars on the market at around about the £100 mark. Most are general-purpose binoculars available in catalogues, discount stores and on-line. Frankly, birders wouldn’t touch most with a barge pole and they would be right to avoid them. Cheap can often mean nasty with problematic alignments, silly coatings, and shabby manufacturing standards too. So when you see reputable companies offering binoculars at this sort of price you would be wary but optimistic.

Over the years Opticron have impressed with their whole range of birding gear and were my first port of call and, after some discussion with them the Savanna’s were my first choice rather than compacts or roof-prism models, which for quality start at a higher price. So what’s my verdict… before I pass them on to Toby to try out for himself?

First impressions are very positive when you see what’s in the box… I was pleasantly surprised to find a soft, very lightweight but robust carrying case, which will cushion a lot of blows when they are not in use. I was also pleased with the padded lanyard, Toby is small for his age and very slightly built so his should or neck will need this padding. I was also impressed that there is a ten year guarantee too, so assuming he uses them correctly and doesn’t drop them in a lake they should have some trade-in value if he sticks with birding and wants to upgrade.

The light weight is a real plus too. Watching the birds at my feeders and then scanning the skies did not cause a strain and even one-handed they remain amongst the lightest I’ve come across.The image seems sharp and colour true and is as crisp at 500 meters as it is at 5. Focusing is smooth and easy for small fingers too and the dioptre adjustment, although rather ‘macro’ is adequate to balance your vision. Eyecups move easily and are fine set for glasses as well.

All of the above make them ideal ‘starter’ binoculars, uncompromising quality at an affordable price.Down the line there are good reasons to upgrade. For me the biggest drawbacks are the field of view and ‘shadowing’ within the image. I am used to the very best and I was a bit disappointed that I was not getting enough of the distance view as I am used to and that finding birds up close is not as easy either. Looking at my feeders ten meters away I was unable to quickly find or re-find moving targets. It’s like being too ‘zoomed in’ with your scope. The shadowing was a bit irritating too. Looking through the lenses I was aware of the slight images of the inside of the binoculars. I know that one gets used to this, but they still impinge on your view.

At the price I’d have no hesitation in recommending them.

Toby’s View Toby’s view was short and sweet. He said” They are really good! The picture is clear and bright and they are easy to focus… thank you granddad!” You can’t ask for more than that!

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